Thursday, November 25, 2010

uh, thanks?

It is bound to happen.
A photo is taken with an object that was not intended for release.
And on those occasions, 
there is usually a WCIF question to follow. 

This is a different kind of post.
(with asides)
These sets have been requested
from my personal collection.
(This won't be a habit)

They don't really fit a lager theme,
but that doesn't make them any less useful,
so today we have three tiny sets. 
Tiny in that there are only two images 
in each of the files.

Set 1: GUNS.
I wish I could tell you who did this painting.
The intensity and tension captured is truly amazing.
Sadly, the blog it was found on did not credit the artist.
I have paired it with a more personal image. A target.
I owned a picture just like this - it came from a Valentines Day display.
The people of Cambridge Massachusetts found it in bad taste, 
so it was taken down. I luckily ended up with one of them.

LivingSims had a little challenge to make a graphic poster.
This is going back a while - I had never made a picture for the sims before.
These are the very first things I have ever done for Sims 3.
I never submitted them as I feared they were too boring.
(wah wah)
The pine cone image is a personal favorite.
(I even have a pine cone tattoo)
It has been reassembled from a 1800s German botanical. 
The Redwoods image is from an existing poster with simlish substitute.
(Rubika pulled together all submissions into the download here)

Set 3: WATER
Who says art isn't educational? 
Borrowed from a 1950s etiquette book,
this image I intended to paint for my RL dining room;
mirrors were used instead.
This image was my very first clone.
The second image was culled together for my entry in a LivingSims challenge:
Create a Beach Cottage. The sim's favorite color was blue. 
I found this image on an art blog while researching woodcuts. 
It is by artist Ruth Wetzel and it is gorgeous
Having done woodcuts, I can tell you this is masterfully done.
It is not an easy medium to work in.
You should buy an original from her!

So that's it. 
Because these were old, they have been newly cloned,
reworked, and put on new meshes
(well, the two canvas' anyway, the simlish is on an EA mesh)
just for this post.
Remember - you asked for them.
Now you have to live with them. 

(in both formats)
(January 10, 2015 - The 'Guns Blazing' and 'Water Water Everywhere' meshes have been converted to TS2 by m0xxa - you can find it here!)
this Thanksgiving Day.


  1. This is absolutely perfect set. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I think all you do is beautiful, perfect and artistic.
    Congratulations on the wonderful work!

  3. I remember the "water" pictures from your first posts on LS. I always loved it and I'm glad to finally have it in-game. Thanks Bau!

  4. Yay I've been waiting for these, thank you so much! I'm in love with the botanical print <3

  5. Thanks everyone - I am happy this set is generating interest beyond those who requested it!

    A special thanks to Martine and Apollo Jones for their recent requests - otherwise I would have been miserly with them!

    Velvet - that water glass image is a personal favorite. I was able to relocate the original source of the drawing (a photocopy I have been carrying around for nearly 20 years) and recreate it for this post. The one I had made earlier was similar, but rather clumsy and I never felt comfortable releasing it . . . I debated the simlish vs. english thing, but english in this case won. Someday I will paint this exactly as you see here for my dining room!

  6. Love your work, my houses are filled with your talent, and this Guns ... awesome

    Thank you,

    film is my medium. Stop by.

  7. Thank you for sharing <3
    One day i shall learn how to do paintings for the sims, so i won't have to bug you :P

    Thank you again, i remember the last painting. It looks lovely in any type of room. ;)

  8. Oh wow, some really DIFFERENT stuff with a certain novelty edge to it... love :)

  9. thank y! y are so beuteful!

  10. I can't remember if I thanked you for these or not, but it doesn't hurt to say THANK YOU again, right? :) I was so happy to see the pine cones/tree prints -- they're not only completely cool-looking, but I'm a collector of Simlish stuff, so that made them extra cool. I recently used them in a Three Tones challenge on Living Sims, and they worked beautifully!

  11. Thank you everyone - this is so nice that everyone seems to like this set.

    Jen, I saw that post and it looked amazing - I had to do a double take - you made those pieces look damned good!

  12. Hey b5! I've been following your blogs for a while now, and I must say you do amazing things! As you do amazing things, I wanted to ask you if I could use your painting meshes from set 3 to make some new paintings and publish them on my blog? Of course with the proper credit. Thank you for your time!

  13. Hi cherrybloom - thank you! And, of course! By all means - use any of the meshes you like. I appreciate the link-back!

    1. Here's the link I just started out at making custom content, I don't know a lot about it, but I've been learning a lot of stuff lately...

    2. Ah! They look great! Getting started is not easy - the information out there is mixed and either so specific or too generic. Almost all of it is out of date (including the ones I have written for people). I keep meaning to update the one for how to take another artists mesh and make a fresh clone in Workshop. Super easy to do, but I have never seen another tutorial that specifically talks about that. Not sure if you are a member at either Living Sims (LS) or The Sims Daily (TSD), but if you ever have questions I am always happy to 'talk shop'

    3. Yeah, I've been seeing a lot of tutorials but there's always something missing or it's not clear enough. I tried to start with clothes, but after a lot of tries (and patience!) I gave up... At least I learned to work with Milkshape a little bit, just the basic stuff. I've moved on to simple objects and I enjoy it very much. Of course I hope to do more complex things and start to do my own meshes in a near future. I've recently registered to those sites, they have good tutorials there. Thank you for your support!

  14. Thanks so much for the amazing paintings!! I know it's been a while since you made them, but I was wondering if you could remember what blog you got the Guns pic from? I really need to track it down. The painting reminds me strongly of Brom's artwork, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. It haunts me and I want it for my home. Thanks again either way ^_^

  15. I don't know how much this is going to help you - I tried my best using every key word I can think of to locate it with no luck. At the time I was hitting so many blogs it could have been any one of them. So, I searched for the title of the jgp (600_b4d5cb2a5a1ceb400f9aff446575e026.jpg) and it was the very first hit. It is by the artist Richard Michaud and was probably reblogged from this post here ( I hope you can get your hands on this image - truly, it is a haunting and powerful image - would love it for my own home!


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