Sunday, November 14, 2010

Salt is the fifth food group

You might not be able to cook with this set,
but you can feel like you're in my kitchen.

Upon moving into my home
and finding the kitchen to be the size of a matchbox,
I realized I would need more storage. 
This cabinet holds a lot of the things 
you'll find in today's set.

The cabinet in six styles 
 detail 1 - 3
detail 4 - 6
has 24 slots 
to hold the many things 
you'll need to have a homey
and functional kitchen.

For the cabinet we have a few items.
Creature comforts if you will.

A cookie jar from Denmark
that I found antiquing in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Coffee mugs from 1930 that I use every morning
and have collected for years.
12 color are represented and I have included the stacked set too.

Two styles of glasses,
the plaid one being a recent acquisition from here in Atlanta;
the orange drizzle glass from a cute shop in Boston.

Finally, a batter bowl - an absolute score
while up in Cambridge and
probably my favorite item in my kitchen.

From my kitchen to yours.
Baked with care.

So whether you live in
a house from the 50s like me, 
or a country home,
or a contemporary and eclectic home in Bridgeport,

you probably still need a bit of storage space.

in both formats
and enjoy these 
freshly made goods.
08/02/11 Version 2 of both the batter bowl and water glass are now up 
as well as fruits/veggies for the bowl. Download it here.
The old ones are fine, but the batter bowl handle has been amended
and it is now able to hold something,
the water glass has contents - see photos below
Handle has been redesigned to have less polys and smoothing on the bowl is corrected.
Shown with one of the five new fruits/veggies
Glass has been made more opaque for better visibility, contents added to each style - all in one file.
 Today's set is inspired by and dedicated to Exotic Elements.
Heidi tirelessly answers questions and tests items for me
and she was instrumental in solving the final puzzle piece in the water glass.
Check out her new kitchen set!


  1. That cabinet looks lovely! Love the accessories with it.

  2. What a wonderful cabinet! And I love the batter bowl, too :)Thank you


  3. Wow, You really have a great sense of finding pretty bits and pieces and put it together. I am a true fan of the 50-60´ish kind of vintage combined with danish furniture design from the same period, so your blog is always worth a visit :)

  4. What a beautiful set Bau! I love that the cabinet has so many slots, so you can put a bunch of stuff on it without using a million OMSP's :) The cookie jar is so cute <3 Oh and can I ask where you got the painting from in the 2nd to last picture?

  5. This is absolutely perfection Bau. Thanks sooo much for sharing. I can't wait to see it in-game! :)

  6. Thanks everyone! This set is dear to me - learning to mesh has become easier by studying the things I own. I probably shouldn't be so attached to 'things' but sometimes those things are the tangible memories that can get me through a hard day - anyway - thank you - I hope you enjoy them in game.

    Martine - the picture is one of mine that I have never released. I made it a while back when LivingSims was doing a group image as a challenge - I never submitted it as I thought it was out of place when I saw what others were posting. I have always like this picture and will be making a post of 'one offs' very soon - things that don't quite make a set. This is a real vintage botanical rearranged and simified.

  7. Bau, this is a brilliant set! I love all of the unique deco items, with your personal commentary to give it another level of awesomeness. Like Martine, I am also interested in that botanical poster -- it's a great arrangement and I'm a huge geek for Simlish! Thanks for sharing your amazing creations with us and making our Sims' homes that much cooler.

  8. Bau - Ah yes I thought it was made by you :) Would really love to download the 'oddball' set! And the simlish is a great bonus, I try to avoid English text as much as possible.

  9. This is such a beautiful bit of accessories to add to EE's lovely kitchen set! Thanks so much!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thank you, this is a really nice kitchen

  12. I've spent several hours on your site, you're an amazing creator, thank you. :)

  13. Thank you :::blush::: very kind of you to say :)


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