Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attack of the 40 foot snowman

Oh EA, your heart is in the right place,
but some of us decorate with 
a modicum of restraint.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say
it was so cute to see a snow globe 
in your holiday set.

Never did we expect to see it was
 six . . . feet . . . tall . . .


I am helping you.
I am helping you understand
that sometimes good things
come in small packages.

Like this table top version of your very own snow globe.

I felt it my duty to assist those in need.
You EA. Yes, you.
Let me help you help yourself.
I heart you and I am doing this only to help you.

Even evil Vlad likes it better. 

in both formats

I have even included
a plain version 
to show you that restraint comes in many forms.
Don't make me call A&E's Intervention on you.

Thank you Martine for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Hilarious post Bau and thanks again for fixing this crazy EA mess of an object! <3

  2. Too funny! Thanks for doing this

  3. I love your quips in the download threads, but this poem is so delightful, and funny. Thanks for resizing the stupid. :)

  4. Oh bau thank you! So cute)) True, sometimes EA's ideas so crazy...

  5. You always produce such nice work. My houses are filled with your art. Tell me, the picture of the shirtless man with a pistol in his hand? The one behind Vlad, is that yours?? I couldn't find it on your blog and was wondering where I might obtain it.

    Again, great work.
    Yours Apollo

  6. Thank you! Snow globes really need to be of a certain size to retain their charm. I'm grateful you've got much more sense that EA.

  7. Thanks everyone :) When I noticed Martine's post at LivingSims about how large this was I did a double take - I had downloaded the snow globe but never gave it a second thought until I saw her picture of the globe next to an armchair. Crazy!

    Apollo Jones - occasionally I get a shot of something that works really well but shows something I have yet to release. Vlad's expression in this particular photo was better than the others - his 'evil' self kept grimacing and making wide eye frownies. I guess 'evil' has facial ticks in the minds of EA.

    This particular image is a one off. It is an early attempt at cloning and it uses someone elses mesh. This is from when the game first came out and everyone was rushing to understand how to make custom content. It's not a good mesh - something in the file keeps the image a bit blurry. I simply need to recreate a new base for it. That said, of the hundreds of images that I have saved to work with, some of them simply do not lend themselves to a set. This is one of those images.

    I am very careful to copy all available information provided with images found on the web. This image has no information - no artist or title or date. Sad! Many of the blogs I visit are very good about providing this information. Other images found in google searches may not be so courteous.

    Forgive me - I am answering in the most round about way. I guess I am still under the impression that people prefer sets. I have read it on the boards and forums I visit and I have witnessed the really low download numbers of some of my earlier sets. Art certainly is subjective, but it seems the lower number of files in ones catalogue is a bigger selling point.

    Let me see if I can find a few more images that go well with this - it may be a bit esoteric in theme, but I am sure I can find something that would work as a 'set' even if it is a low number set. I am working on a few things at the moment - check my other blog (link to the right) to see what I may be up to. I have an idea for a painting set that is my next project, but I will release that image for you soon. Where it will be a small set it may be sooner than later. Thanks!

  8. Hysterical - that's the attach of the six foot snow globe and your discourse on EA! I love your sense of humor Bau *giggles*. Annnd, thanks for making a more normal and useful object of one of EA's many blunders.

  9. Bhaha! Very funny pics! Thanks a lot Bau for redone this mesh. I hate Store object size too

  10. And now I heart you for making it normal. HUGE heart.

  11. Thank you so much! This is what I was looking for! :)


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