Sunday, November 21, 2010

But does it float?

Many of you know that I am a picture framer in real life.
So glamorous . . . I know.

What I don't have in my paycheck
I make up for in culture.
Pffft. Ccckkk. Tschuh.

There have been moments in my long career.
For instance, I recently framed a rather famous portfolio:
9, released by the Brooklyn Museum.
Worth about 1/2 a million.
My god. I not only touched it - I fondled it.

That set reminded me of my long standing love for the modern masters.
I see a lot of etchings, book plates, and botanicals cross my station,
but it is this portfolio that has inspired today's set.

Pearson, Gottlieb, Motherwell, Francis
Kelly, Frankenthaler, Rauschenberg, Feininger
Tàpies, Klee, Miro, Rothko

12 images framed in a floater frame
- named such as it appears the gallery wrapped canvas
is floating within the frame.

Enjoy it in a contemporary in-law suite in the burbs,
A transitional seating area in the country,
or your fabulous new modern and monochromatic loft space in Bridgeport.

Art doesn't have to be a still life
or a portrait
to move your soul.
this set today.
In both formats


  1. LoL, fondled.

    I don't usually go for this style of art but its all so purrdy. Must. Have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of modern art! Thanks so much for this & all the other art work I've dled in the past. You rock!! I like the different style frame you used for this one, too.

  3. 'I not only touched it - I fondled it.' Lol! XD
    These are awesome, thanks Bau!

  4. Just love you, that´s all.....or at least your amazing nose for hot stuff! Thank you.

  5. i, too, would be elated if i even fondled.

    also auuuugh, you have excel taste in modern. what i wouldn't give to have a miro in my living space (no, copies aren't the same). thanks for these!

  6. Looks brilliant in my game :)
    Nice work, thank you for this :)

  7. Love these.

    Do you mind if I "repaint" your meshes and post results to my own website... with proper credit given to you for meshes.

    Let me know.

    Thanks for sharing your creations!

  8. Aw - thanks everyone :) I am so happy this set is appreciated! Modern is not for everyone - I feared I would be faced with blank stares and crickets chirping!

    Luxe - absolutely - have at it. I am anxious to see what you do with them! Thank you :) I love your site!

  9. Lucky you to get to see these beautiful things up close and personal! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. I love it. Wonderful job!!!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  11. beautiful paintings!!!

  12. you are an awesome and inspiring creator! these are great and what i've been struggling through tutorials to try and do for myself. :/

    quick question if you don't mind. it appears it's possible to make object meshes that are a different size than the cloned one. does that have to do with the footprint? i saw a tutorial at MTS by huge lunatic and was wondering if that was the concept behind this? sorry to bug you on your blog about this i'm just really curious as there doesn't seem to be any custom painting specific tutorials out there for sims 3. :/

    thank you for your kick ass goodies :)

  13. Hmm - I hope I am understanding your question. I'll try to explain using an example from my personal experience. When HELS came out it had this great modern painting with a simple flat frame. I have used it on the Orientalists set as well as a few sets on here simply changing the multiplier to match my needs. Originally I felt that I would have to use that base only, but really, as long as you export the mesh itself, you can clone it onto any sized base from the base game and then everyone can use it - not just those with HELS installed (though there is some debate about all this - you might just need to be fully patched and the objects will work from any expansion).

    So if you choose a tiny little painting and clone a huge painting onto it, really the only thing left is altering the footprint. If you clone on a tiny half square painting a three tile painting, when you go to place it in game, the lit green square that shows the footprint will still be a tiny green square and allow you to put the painting through walls and over doors.

    All footprint really does is help with placement and in the case of furniture, where a sim can and cannot walk. Some of my rugs TSRW calculated incorrectly and that can be annoying, but no big deal with the 'moveobjects on' cheat. Things like dining tables are a curious thing that it's probably best to just copy the numeric coordinates from an existing file. My cookie jar was calculating large due to the nose, so I copied a small item's coordinates and edited that way. So footprint can be a pain in the ass more often than not.

    I hope that answers(?) your question. I am always happy to help so if I missed the mark - let me know! And thank you for your kind words - I really appreciate the feedback :)

  14. thanks so much for your prompt response! i think you answered my confusion over footprints and what they do (hadn't read the full tutorial yet *blush*). basically i read somewhere that it's not possible to take say a 1x1 painting and maybe extend the length of it making it 1 tile width x 2 tile in length. or taking a 2 tile painting and just making a really big ass one lol. i dunno if that's old news or not. essentially i just wonder if i can clone something, then mesh something bigger in it's place and toss it in game without errors? i tried doing a 1 tile width by 2 tile height painting in TSRW but it didn't show in the game catalog so i'm not sure what the deal is :(

    again thanks for your patience :)

  15. Oh - I think I get it now - you're talking more about meshing. You can scale something in say Milkshape to be larger or smaller, but you can't just stretch it willy nilly and expect it to look correct when you import it back into the program. Patterns will be torqued and overlays will be stretched and squished. To alter the shape of something you need to remap it. That is done with something like UVMapper. There is a free version and it's a good introduction, but it's limited. (from milkshape, you export as a Wavefront OBJ)

    I have not read the tutorial you mentioned - I tried to understand meshing and object creation with the tutorials over at TSR - CycloneSue has one for textures, Apple and Riccinumbers have some as well. The Riccinumbers one is especially good for understanding the amount of steps for doing a proper clone, but it's really just a start. I don't think there is a single tutorial that says it all. Check YouTube too for milkshape tutorials - Flabaliki ( has a few that are good. Read them all though and keep them handy for when you are experimenting with the programs. Someone might phrase something in a way that allows you to understand a step, but another might be dense with the real tricks that you'll understand when you've worked with the programs for a while.

    Be patient - it is a lot of information and it is so easy to miss some rather essential information - god knows I learn things very hard. No one program is better - it is what you are more comfortable with. I still use S3PE and S3OC but when I mesh, I like the 3D view of TSRW. I am just a visual person.

    The best way to learn is to just jump in there and experiment. Don't think everything you make is going to be gold, but always aim high. It really does start to make sense after a while.

  16. okay cool. thank you again for your input i appreciate it! i don't know where i got the idea that there was some special step when meshing something bigger than the original object cloned. good to know it's the same as anything else. i'm actually pretty good with the meshing and mapping aspect i've done a few things for sims 2 (WAY easier) and one successful fence from flabiliki's sims 3 tut. i have the TSRW tuts as well and find them by far the best even though i'm not a huge fan of the site. so i guess i'll stop worrying and just dive in already lol

    thanks again!

  17. Anytime! I am always happy to assist where I can - if you are ever on LivingSims, drop me a PM :)

  18. Squees and makes grabby hands! That KLEE! LOVE this set, thank you very much!

  19. Thanks Eve! If you play Sims 4, this set was converted by DreamTeamSims here:


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