Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antique . . . fantastique

Rugs help define a space with shape, 
but they also define that space with style.

So many styles to decorate in,
so few rugs out there to help.
This set hopes to cover
just a few more styles while also covering your floors.

detail 1-4
detail 5-8
detail 9-12

Traditional style . . . .art deco . . . gothic . . . .
None too shy on pattern.

 So whether your decor is period

 mix and match 

or just plain funky

You need to 
this set for your sims today.
(both 4x3 and 2x3)
Keep them peepers peeled bubbies 
Two more rug sets before this week is out
and a 100,000 visitor/xmas surprise
Can you guess what it is?

CC Credits:
picture one: OM asian bed, Exotic Elements side table
picture two: Cyclone Sue couch and armchair, eryt96 daybed
picture three: Angela table and sideboard, Exotic Elements slipper chair
picture four: eryt96 lounge chair, Aikea-Guinea books


  1. Simply beeautiful dahling! Thankies :).

  2. Thanks you two! Stay tuned for two more this week :)

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much! Merry Xmas!

  4. Love it! But the rugs aren't showing up in my game. :-(

    any advice?

  5. Hey Dark Angel - I am not sure why that would be? Are you installing the Sim3pack or the Package file? I know someone was having trouble with a package file of one of the painting sets but the sim3pack worked just fine, but that was consistent with their system - some items simply showed up only if they were installed as sim3packs. Is it this set of rugs or all of them?

    You could try to run Dashboard and see if there are any conflicts with other creators items. You will find that my rugs conflict with each other - this is not a true conflict - this happens often with creators and their sets - my rugs - thought released separately - seem to trigger a 'set' reaction in that program.

    Are you fully patched? Although I am designing on base game meshes, I have all EP/SP and am fully patched. This can make a difference due to the cloning process as TSRW and S3OC pull from game objects.

    Aside from these things, I would be at a loss to say why they may not be showing up. I hope it is easily resolved - I have not heard of anyone having trouble with the rugs since I corrected earlier errors way back when I was first starting out. Please keep me posted of any results - if there is a conflict found, this set may need to be recloned. If this is all the rugs I am seriously not sure what could be the trouble.


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