Monday, May 31, 2010

A one and a two . . .

My goof is your gain.
A set of 12 Oriental Rugs.
Your sims feet will thank you.
Life of luxury.
A mere §520 simoleons.
Feel the warmth.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 -8
Detail 9 - 12

Oh, but that's not all.
Remember that problem I was having? 
12 rugs that looked the same?
Well to fix that, I needed
12 more rugs.
That's right . . . it's:

Lap it up kiddies.
You have twice the selection.
That is 24 rugs for the mathematically stunted.
Two files though . . . can't have it all.
Gotta work for some of it.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 12

Updated 6/10/18

These are all hand tied pixel by pixel. 
Only the best(est) for you and you
and well, maybe not you.
Are you feeling the love yet?


  1. I just love these, somehow I started to like rugs and curtains in my game. So yea, I definitely feel the love xD

  2. I'm a sucker for vintage rugs, so I love these! Absolutely beautiful!

    FYI the thumbnail problem persists in my game: It shows the same stripey rug for all designs.

  3. Well crap . . . I am sorry to hear that. The problem I was having was that I had chosen 12 similar colored rugs that only appeared to the be same icon due to their similarity. This is something entirely different and I don't honestly know what to say to help fix it. My understanding is that they game generates the icons for the styles. TSW generates an object icon. Personally, I use the package file in my game so the game even generates that icon . . . anyone else having this problem?

  4. These are gorgeous rugs - I can't wait to try them in my game - it'll be like pot luck apparently - with the one icon - but what the hey - I like surprises. Thanks!

  5. I do believe I confused the issue further with my own comment . . . I talked about the 'trouble' I had with this file before its release in my other blog here:

    It was not a problem of the icons showing up incorrectly but that I had chosen poorly 12 rugs that looked so much alike that it was impossible to tell the icons apart.

    Anyway - sorry folks for the confusion - sorry, too, to those who may be having trouble with the icon - I really don't know if it is specific to some systems as I only have the one noted trouble. I will just keep an eye out for feedback.

    Jessica: I have attempted to locate an answer but I am not having much success. Others have suggested clearing the four cache files stored in your document folder as a way to update the icons. That does not work for me on the few problem items I have in my own game . . . perhaps it will work for you. Keep me posted.

  6. Hi bau,

    Thanks for clarifying, I was confused. I did try to delete the caches, but had no luck with that. Oh well. Thanks again for your beautiful work. :-)

  7. The link is broken for the 12 Oriental Rugs. Can you fix this? Thanks.

  8. Hi Damien - thanks for pointing that out - I don't know how it got switched?? It's worked for 172 people since I updated the file to be CASt-able. Blogger is funky sometimes! Thanks for pointing it out - I have rechecked the links and they are both now working.


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