Monday, May 24, 2010

Grin and bare it

Life drawings by some of the masters.
Nine different files all in one.
Frame design by yours truly,
carved pixel by pixel.
 Female version in the works,
don't get all cranky on me.
Sargent, Bouguereau, Tweedy
Lopez, Unknown, Unknown
Leighton, Streeton, Cezanne

2/11/14 This file has been archived.
Please download the updated files


  1. Love your work. Your rugs are superb. Are the deer antlers one of your downloads that I have missed? If not can you tell me wcif? As a huntrix would so love to have more hunter decor for my self sim...

  2. Hi Carolinn - aren't those antlers cool? Those are from MK stuff - it's a Russian site. Huge tavern set actually and I want to forewarn you - everything is numbered, not named, so if you are wanting just the antlers, you'll need to go through each file. Look for the set here: - the whole set it absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Bau! Love your site. The paint by numbers set is just delicious!!

  4. Thanks Carolinn! I am happy it is being so well received : )

  5. thank y very mutch!


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