Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kilim wit kindness.

Love the rugs. Hand woven, pixel by pixel.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 12
That's right kiddies - 12 rugs. 12!
Even my cat prefers kilim rugs.
Git you sum.
in both formats


  1. YOU are my new hero. Thanks from me and my cat.

  2. The second and third rugs in the first row are to die for!!! :D

  3. I LOVE rugs and your rugs especially. You top my list for best rug creators. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rugs are excellent... seem glitched though. I can only select the first one, the others immediately revert to the first option, or display some weird striped pattern that looks like a placeholder (which is what the other two rugs sets of this type do).

    I am able to get that first rug to work, and it's indeed beautiful! Just wish I could get the rest of them too. Perhaps my version of WA is too old?

  5. Hi Interim - If you are not patched and updated, it could be part of the problem. This rug is based on a base game mesh so it should work for every version of the game, but there could be some sort of conflict - you are the first to mention it just does not work.

    Where you are having trouble with all three of this size, I am not sure what to say. One person mentioned having icon troubles but the rug itself worked fine (that was on the larger Oriental S1 set).

    Have you run your files through dashboard to see if there are conflicts anywhere? It could be that my file is conflicted with someone else's file (many people use the same meshes). If you have not - try this small program: - I will say that a true object conflict would normally just not show up at all in game. Fair warning, sometimes objects in a set will show up as a conflict with other objects in same set . . . don't let that spook you. This will also alert you to bad object files - it's a handy program for everyone who sims ; )

    I truly hope the patch will be the thing that works - I am updated/upgraded to the very current version ( and I do not have a single problem with my game since Ambitions. This sort of problem is really difficult to suss out a solution where there are so many configurations to computers and the file works for so many. The one 'solution' I keep getting in my own searches it to clear the cache files, but this does not sound like that sort of a problem.

    Please keep me posted and please - anyone else who is having trouble, let me know! I have had trouble with CC myself and know how frustrating it can be.

  6. Yeah, I've used Delphy's dashboard. I didn't notice any problems, until...

    I took all the packages from DCBackup and checked them with the dashboard-- the ones you install from .sims3pack. Well. Turns our FOUR HUNDRED files have conflicts. No wonder. I didn't know Sims 3 files could conflict like that... It's probably due to the amount of content I have installed.

    What I've done is backed up a number of saves and turned my homes into share files so I can get them back later, and will probably just go through the process of completely reinstalling the game, and readding all of my custom content from scratch so that I know I'm getting what I want this time, instead of just random garbage.

    It's too bad, because my fiancée really loves your rugs and we wanted to use them in our home. She's really excited to continue building but our game crashes after the first save. Progress is slow. My PC is damn good too, so it's a bummer.

    Maybe will just buy Ambitions and see if that fixes it! Will update you soon.

  7. Thanks for the update Interim - custom content can be such a blessing/curse. I know when I was having trouble with my game a fresh re-install fixed a good portion of what was going wrong (but those were the days when EA was making new breaks while fixing one old one and the launcher was very wonky).

    Ambitions was surprising in its lack of trouble - with the new location for custom content too, it seemed to run faster as well . . . not to mention Twinbrook is gorgeous. I was able to get it for less due to some birthday coupon they sent me . . .

    Thanks for the update - I am keeping my fingers crossed that the reinstall works for you : )

  8. Alright bau, I reinstalled everything from scratch, using a new game folder and everything. Went and bought Ambitions and didn't use any no CD stuff this time just in case that was causing the problem. The new centralized mod folder is great! However...

    The problem is the same as before. The larger rug is still showing up as a placeholder. Same as before, it informs me that the 'Current style is invalid' and to select a new one from the list, but none of them work properly. On the smaller rug set you see in this picture ( ) the first rug loads, but attempting to change it to one of the others prompts it to say the styleid is invalid. All of the icons and rugs will show when I'm editing the look, but as soon as I select anything other than the first one in the list and accept, it reverts to the original one.

    I was certain that getting Ambitions and the newest update would fix the problem so I am as you would say, stumped...

  9. I'm going to ask you to download someone else's rug and tell me what happens (this is a register only site, but it has very cool stuff):

    This is the base rug that I have been using. Where you are the only person who has contacted me with a problem I am not sure what to make of this. As Cyclone Sue of TSR fame said to me in a question I had for her - half of the problem files just get thrown out and you don't ever hear about the problem.

    If you went to buy the rug, you can access only the first style - not say the 7th style? Is the striped pattern the result of getting something other than the first selection? I want to ask you about how you change the rug. This is not a rug that you can go into CAS and change. I think if one tried, each game would give a different result. I have many rugs like this from different creators and I was a bit spooked when I tried to change a rug style. It seemed to freeze up CAS and alerted me that the style could not be changed. I learned that you need to get the rug you want from the start - delete it and get a different one if you don't want that one anymore. I haven't attempted to try to change the style since because it can hang my game up - I have few objects like that too and in essence the canvas files are now designed much the same.

    Why I am interested if the original Pilar rug works for you is that I have one core difference. I did not understand why an active pattern was beneath the overlay. Every other version of a rug like this does not have the pattern active. This could alleviate the message you get but I don't know if it will fix the problem overall.

    In observing questions on the boards at TSR even the creators I hope someday to have half the talent of disagree on the basics (for instance: overlay vs stencil). With the results from the original rug base, I can try a new file for you to see if it helps. Too, it will be more data for when I consult the boards. I am in the process of teaching myself to mesh and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you are following up with this.

    This is one last thing I am going to ask and I fear I am going to sound like I am grasping at straws, but on the boards at LivingSims, it has alleviated stranger problems . . . when's the last time you updated your graphics driver? I know - straws - but there were some really strange problems that were solved with that one thing.

  10. Well, I can report that they now work. They weren't working last night, but now they are. After all this time, it's a bit weird. All I did was install High-End Loft Stuff. Maybe that was it, but maybe it wasn't.

    In the end, as you've noted, it's still impossible to select them by the same method you would change a series of pictures-- by using the palette tool and selecting a new style-- but I am now able to place them by selecting which one I'd like to use -before- buying. So long as I'm able to use these beautiful rugs, I'm happy.

    Thanks for going through so much effort to try and help me solve the problem. I really appreciate it.

  11. I am really happy to hear that - I have been examining every file - literally!

    In consideration of what has been happening, I decided to start from scratch with new meshes for rugs. I should be uploading a whole new series either tonight or tomorrow that are on on my own meshes - sized like in the game with simple flat meshes.

    Realizing (now) how easy it is, I have already recreated the quad shaped rugs that appear in game and hopefully a few new sizes that are sadly lacking.

    Thanks for keeping me posted and please stop back shortly for new rugs and stuff!

  12. Awesome. My fiancée and I are impressed by your sense of style and we look forward to all of your future designs. :)


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