Monday, July 12, 2021

Que Es Mas Macho

I suppose it's personal preference,
but most guys look a little more rugged with stubble.
And let's face it:
Some of us
- no matter how much we shave -
never look 'clean' shaven.
That's where Stubble You™ steps in.
Originally released in March 14, 2017 on Tumblr
The original Stubble You post looked a bit like this:
It’s great that you have a huge selection of beards for your sims
You’ve got the ducktail, the imperial, the fu manchu … 
but what if you want a beard that is a little less defined? 
Or your sim didn’t shave over the weekend and he looks all rugged and stuff? 
We’ve got you covered … in stubble

Simply taking an EA stubble beard 
and coding it as a facial detail, 
now you can have a less fussy look 
like most of us rock in the real world.
Huge thanks to @editsim & @buckleysims for their invaluable input
May 8, 2018 brought us Stubble You 2: Parenthood Edition:
 Most guys, 
if they are sporting a beard, 
also rock a bit of stubble. 
It’s nearly unavoidable. 
Unless you are married to a stylist 
or are a Type-A control freak (I see you out there), 
the intense amount of time and effort it takes 
to be ‘picture perfect’ seems simply out of reach.

That’s the beauty of having a stubble skin detail.
Take those ultra sharp clean lines
and draw outside them - with a touch of reality. 
This ‘beard’ was released with the Parenthood game pack 
and it’s a just different enough 
from the original Stubble You 
to warrant a new edition. 
This is a facial detail so you can mix and match with any beard - EA or CC. 
It is also base-game compatible. You don’t need to own Parenthood to be a stud.
Today, while updating to the new 24 hair colors, I expanded the series to bring you:

While updating series 1 & 2, to include the additional six EA colors,
I noticed another base-game beard that could benefit this series.

Denser than the first two,
this is 5 o'clock shadow on steroids
and your swarthy sims will love you for it.

Series 1 & 2 have been updated
so your sim *should* still be rocking their favorite look when you replace the file.
Make sure to remove the original or overwrite it.

The only thing left to do is to
always ad free - use either link with confidence


  1. this is such a great idea! i love it a bunch! btw where is the ducktail beard from? the largest one in the photo?

    1. That is a personal edit of a beard - I am not entirely sure which one though (from my old computer). It's an easy enough edit, but not one I am comfortable releasing. I edited it because my own beard is like this.

    2. awww, but it looks so nice with the stubble! there are not much beard cc like this available, there are tons with mustaches but i only found exactly three without and tbh this is the nicest ive seen!

    3. Where nothing has a custom thumbnail it's hard to say what this is. I think this is probably a beard mesh (possibly BG) with a few textures merged to create a unique alpha mask. No promises, but I am still looking. I would need to update the colors as well. Cottage has a new beard I think might work for textures. I don't know enough about CAS meshes to edit existing meshes - just the textures.

    4. Sato - I tried my best to fix the beard - got permissions and everything - however, I am just not a CAS creator - I don't know how to edit a mesh to remove the mustache and I can't seem to find a tutorial that , so the top lip looked puffy when I proofed in game. I had new textures lined up and everything :(

      The other day I found a new beard that you'll be interested in: - it's similar enough that I think you'll like it. Still looking for a tutorial - not giving up.


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