Saturday, February 23, 2013

lil ol me?

Well, it's been a while. 
Not without reason however.
Job, Life, Computer . . . 

But no matter.
I haven't forgotten about you.
And perhaps absence  made the heart grow fonder? 
No worries. Look!
SF Magazine interviewed me.
I am as stunned as you.

So, go on with you.
(code for look at the pretty pictures)
and in reward, there's a little gift set.
From me to them,
from them to you.
We were just keeping it warm for you.

Take a look at these killer shots!
All photos credit: hmsdrco2001
pssst . . . . this is the set.
Wow, I have been busy these past three years.
Yup - we're nearly at three years
you and I.

Go now, post haste.
And read the whole thing.
There's a quiz later.

Linking the set here (8.17.18)
Sims 3 (Both Formats)


  1. Great interview Eric! I have always been your fan. I pop in every now and then to see what you've been up to... today I was happy to find that interview and that wonderful set with the story about each item :) LOVE IT! Hugs ;) Freddie

  2. Don't be so shocked. Us designers at SF LOVE your stuff. Obviously. Unique, rough around the edges, very "real life". I have personally always loved your stuff so when Bill thought of using you for our feature I was thrilled!

  3. Thank you so much! Bill quelled my nerves and made this whole process very easy - he's a keeper! I am busy working on a new set with hopes for release in early March :)

  4. Awesome! So happy you're back! And congratulations on the feature in SF Magazine - you have such great talent, and I'm so happy your work is being promoted.

  5. Great article! Love your stuff and I use it all the time! I look forward to your March set.

  6. Congrats on the interview Eric and thanks for the three years of incredible content :)

  7. Yay! You're back. :) Thanks for the shout-out in the article and the awesome new gift set.

  8. Great to see you back!! Love using your stuff in my simmings :)

    And gz on the interview! Was an interesting read!

  9. Bravo for the interview and as his return.
    Eric seems beautiful and gorgeous making.

  10. Wheeee! There will be a new set upcoming. I love your stuff and your style Bau. Nice to see you back! I`ll waiting for good news.

  11. Very interesting interview.... thanks for sharing. As I do not read any magazines I would never have seen it otherwise :)

  12. I'm just commenting on this particular post because it's a recent one and I can't find contact info- I noticed you didn't have an artist credit/didn't know who the work was by in this image:
    It's by an illustrator named Micah Lidberg. I think your work's great but attribution is really important! Take care

  13. Thanks everyone! I really am pleased that you like this little set.

    As we're so far into the game, it seems to be getting more difficult to pull together a unique set, so the set I have been working on is moving slower than anticipated. I am thinking it will probably be more realistic to say sometime in April at this point. I am not sure it's still going in the direction that I was thinking, but what I have crafted so far I am very pleased with.

    A quick note to the above comment - I really want to thank you for helping me to identify the artist. Attribution is extremely important to me as an artist and creator, as a 20-year-former framer of art, and as an educator and friend of the arts. We live in a time where people can collect images digitally and showcase them on their blogs without proper notation and it is horribly sad - worse, without notation it appears these bloggers are taking credit alone for their discovery or worse still, their creation. The post in question has been updated with a link to the artists site, it is unfortunate that for (near to) three years I have not been able to give the appropriate credit. Thanks again!

  14. Erik, Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! We miss you over on Living Sims!

  15. great to see you in sim land again. dont work too hard :) xx

  16. Oh wow, the photos are so cool O: LOVE IT!

  17. Glad that I'm actually redownloading everything from your site again after a long sims break. Thanks to that I see things that I missed like this interview by SF. It was very interesting. I love the gift set that come with it too. Thanks a lot for it.

    Also I saw a comment in this post and you were saying that unfortunately you don't know most the artists who made those artworks so you can't put credits.

    But let's say in the case you would know who did the artworks before starting a new painting project for the game, would you ask the artist the permission before doing it ?

    Basically I was wondering if it was really an issue to adapt a work with no permission despite putting the appropriate credits.

    Sorry for this strange question (hoping that is clear since I'm not english). Of course if it's a bother, feel free to ignore it.

  18. The above comment was about a specific image from May 31, 2010 - I would imagine the anonymous commenter was a friend of the artist given their tone. To read the original post and to then read their comment it was clear they did not actually read the post which, by the time their comment was posted, had corrections correctly identifying other artists. The image in question was not included in the subsequent update of that set. I feel my answer addresses no only his question, but my general stance on art and appropriate credit. Art is more than just something I admire, it's a significant portion of my life. I attended a school for art, I have made art, I know many artists, I have worked with artists, and I am a picture framer of art for 24 years now. It's kind of integral to my life and why I started creating custom content - the sad lack of art in the game (at the time).

    If you look through my entire collection - about 85-90% of the art is correctly attributed where possible. The most recent art set, a collection of art on updated meshes, would be a sad exception. While I know about 20% of the artists, it seemed rather silly to attribute the few with the rest being labeled 'unknown'. Sites housed on Tumblr or Flickr accounts are notorious for not crediting the work they want to showcase. It can become a messy/blurry line. Google has a tool that can help identify images for proper credit, but when the source is obscure and is simply reblogged, it's still the same uncredited original source.

    When an image is sourced from a well known site like Booooooom or Ffffound (et cetera) then I am not terribly concerned with reaching out to the artist for permission of a single image - I feel credit is enough. Having had many discussions with artists - the general consensus has been that getting their work and name out there is a reward. How cool would it be that someone were to actually play this game and see their art and want to buy an original or official reproduction. On the flipside, there will always be an artist that is unhappy that their art is included and I would say to them 1) watermark your art always, 2) post your copyright information/TOU, and 3) be diligent in requesting major art fan sites post a link to the original source so this information is readily available for their protection. If I mistakenly included someone in one of my collections, and it was addressed by the concerned artist, then it would be rectified post haste.

    Were there to come a time that I was interested in a sole (living) artist for a collection on one of my meshes, then yes - it is appropriate to contact the artist. We've all seen a set retracted when an artist see's their hard work on a mesh without permission and while I think the intentions of the creator are generally innocent - single artist sets do require more finesse.


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