Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It's the little things

 I have to admit.
I love the Tiny Living content.
Yet, I still wanted more.
At least ... one more.

I liked the media cabinet,
but I wanted a version without
all those ... things on it.

As they say on the real estate shows:

So, it went
In the original 12 EA colors - no more, no less. Basegame compatible. A mere §56 ... delightful.
42 slots (while holding the item hit the 'm' key to jump slots),
this is now an end table
aaaand it's officially MaxisMatch cos ... it's like a #MaxisHack™ ... okay?
Clutter courtesy of BrazenLotus | ATS4 | Mango
Cabinets: ATS4 | Sink: Zx-Ta | Table: WildlyMiniatureSandwiches
Give yourself the gift
of storage.

MIRROR (pCloud)


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