Friday, April 17, 2020

Cap or Float

Sometimes things don't work out
in the way you expected.

I think most of us can agree this year
is a fine example of that.

With so much time on my hands,
while we patiently wait out Self-Separation,
I was able to expand on this set
in a way that I might not have had time for previously.
 Sure, I could have digitized that stack of LPs
I said I would if I ever had enough time on my hands,
instead, I added a ton more art to go along
with the planned Cap and Floater frames.

Let's take a look:
Rectanglement has 40 new images, Shown with A Ration of Rectangle and Identity
Mundane and Preternatural offer 25 new images each, Shown with Modern Times and A Smattering of Square
Figural Vertical 1 and 2 (wide) have 32 images each, Shown with version 1 from Thou Art (pt.1)
Large Unframed Canvas 1 part 2 has 32 new images - Shown with Part 1 from Eye of the Beholder
Large Unframed Canvas 2 part 2 has 32 new images - Shown with Part 1 from Eye of the Beholder
New 'mistake' horizontal canvas offers 40 images plus one additional style frame in addition to the cap and floater.
All the cap and floater frames - shown with frames from Distilled Life, the unofficial Thou Art 1.5
Now you can mix and match 
your artwork and frames
and still have a cohesive look

That said, I needed to update
previously released items
with new thumbnails to make this easier 
for you to use.
Each thumbnail has a coordinating color dot.
Having this many frames and art pieces can be a bit ... confusing.
Apologies - this seemed the easiest way to handle it.

If you have downloaded before there is a link below if you desire the new thumbnails.
If you have not downloaded before, previous sets have already been updated.

Take a look at these beauties in action:

If you would like updated thumbnails and already have the previous sets
you may download these files - they will overwrite the previous versions:

I do not edit my photos ever. I do not use ReShade or PSActions.
Many shots I have scaled the paintings or items in picture. 

This is a very handy feature in Sims 4
Holding the item hit the [ or ] key for scaling up or down

Picture 1: Bookcases - Plasticbox | Laundromat Bench - ATS4
Picture 2: Curtains, Plate - Mango | Sriracha - CookieMonsterrSims | Coffee Table - TheKalino  | Sofa - MrMonty96 | Living Chair - Peacemaker
Pictures 3 - 8 - Wallpaper - Mango
Picture 11: Stereo - Simsza | Chair/Ottoman - The Kalino | Snake Plant - BlackGryffin | Bookcase - Pyszny
Picture 12: Succulent - leaf-motif | Curtain - Allisas
Picture 13: Liberated Books - BrazenLotus | Bound Folder - ATS4 | Chair/Pillow/Bench - Peacemaker
Picture 14: Ottoman/Tulips - Pocci | Coffee Table - MXIMS | Living Chair - MrMonty96 | Blinds/Wine Glass - Mango | Sofa/ 'Butterfly' House for staging - Peacemaker
Picture 15:  Plant - Ars Botanica | Dining Chair - Pocci
Picture 16: Plants - Mango | Plants - BrazenLotus | Wall Cabinet - Mango | Dresser - Peacemaker | Dining Chair - Lina-Cherie (Pocci Conversion) | book wall shelves - PTS
Picture 17: Well would you look at that - it's all Maxis ... my shit works with Maxis Match :|
Picture 18: Flower in Bottle - Pocci
Picture 19: Printer/Papers/Bound Folder/Business Phone - ATS4 | Pencil Holder/Living Chairs - Peacemaker


  1. I didn't know you were still posting. I just came through to stalk you and see and I'm so happy you're still with us. Hope you are staying safe and thanks for the updated goodies.

  2. While I'm sad for the reason you had all this time, I am so happy you were able to expand these lovely works. Thank you so much!!! 🥰

  3. Love your creations and your great taste in paintings.☺ 👍👍


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