Thursday, March 26, 2020

University Nightmares

Picture it:
You travel all the way to University
You're homesick and exhausted
from all that travel and excitement.
you can't get a good nights sleep.

You've been patched.

Double-U. Tee. Eff.
So, while most others have corrected this ... annoyance
college, for me, was something of a sore spot
so I haven't actually played this expansion.
It was only because someone else 
recently fixed their items that I even took notice.

No tears.
You can finally sleep in peace
with 3 addtional bed frame styles
(now 6 - now categorized in MISC COMFORT)
and 28 additional bedding styles
(now 36 60 styles as of 8/6/22).

So no more sleepless nights 
due to University .... (or High School as of 3/8/22)
Current events, on the other hand, might have you up all night
just like me.
No patch for that.
If you are looking for the original set
Mosey on over to this post HERE
(the zip was updated today [March 8, 2024])

CC Used:
Picture 1 - Sidetable (foreground): Plumbob Architect | Window/Curtains: Peacemaker
Picture 2 - Telephone: AroundTheSims4 | Mirror: Zx-Ta | Narcissus: Ars-Botanica | Curtain/Alarm Clock: Peacemaker
Picture 3 - Alarm Clock: Girl From Verona | Curtains: VicariousLivingSims
Picture 4 - Cabinet/Trunk: AroundTheSims4 | Curtains/Blinds: Mango | Stove/Bucket/Logs: NolanSims | Birdcage (gold) - Mlys-Simmer | Birdcage (rust) Jools-Simming | Brick Arch - Peacemaker

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  1. Thank you so much!

    ...the excellent plus? Your narrative - they always make me chuckle and grin. Hugs!


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