Monday, November 25, 2019

Reading Rainbow

I noticed something.
Something ... annoying.
While taking photos to promote my last couple of items,
every time I would return to 'buy' mode
all of my books would be in the sims household inventory.
The horror.

This set is a bit long in the tooth.
It was created in 2013 for Sims 3, and 
when starting to learn to create for Sims 4, 2015, I missed this set.
It was not long after that items with slots,
that is - items that were not intended to have slots,
were causing errors. 
Might have been an update or two later, but they started working again.
Until recently ... or recently to me. I don't play for long spells.
Whatever the reason,
it's been corrected - it no longer disappears.
That said - you may need to place rows/stacks of books with
the 'bb.moveobjects' cheat.
As before - to make a standing row, make the row on the floor
and THEN move to where you want it 

Also - with the new slot limitation per object of 195 slots or less,
using these books in abundance is NOT a great idea.
As with all 'clutter' objects - using in excess may also drain your computer. 
I often show these in pictures exactly how I use them - in moderation.
This set was more popular in Sims 3 than Sims 4 ... 
perhaps because I eschew maxis-match for the most part
and Sims 4 seems to have attracted more ... purists.

For you, I have new solid books.
Purist plain in fact.

The zip file for only the updated books can be found here:
(wherein, you'll find four new files of all the originals merged, as well as a picture of the 
files you should delete should you have downloaded before)
If you did not download the full set before,
you can download that HERE.
The new solid book covers can be found here:
Even the books can co-exist ...
Sims 4 recolorists: The "cookbook" in both wide and thin have 
recolor files on the recolor page HERE
The original post has been updated with corrected files
The only corrections needed were the standing/laying books in both thicknesses.

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