Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Everything old is new again

Today we have another mini set
inspired by the Realm of Magic pack for Sims 4.

This post is going to be brief.
I have spent the last few days with
a stiff neck and numb fingers.
So let's just get to it.
Shall we?
We have 21 seamless wallpapers.
These were culled from vintage design sheets
and authentic wallpaper patterns*.
 *Design #12  was culled from an Morris design pack that was purchased on YouWorkForThem
Seeing the papers come together as a set reminded me
of a couple of art sets I created for Sims 3, so ...
I converted these packs for Sims 4
Originally created for Sims 3 in 2012
these wood block prints are header art 
culled from books. 
For variety, I have included 
gold, copper, and driftwood toned frames.
 Lastly, we have linocuts from
Austrian artist Norbertine Bresslern Roth.
This set was also originally released in 2012 for Sims 3,
now expanded to 32 prints framed in Gold with
'hand-wrapped' linen mats.

There you have it. 
A trip down memory lane
... someones memories anyway.
Let's see it all in action:
A writing nook.
 Another dark entry.
These latest conversions play well with others ... that I have created previously.
Goth house makeover ... and boy does it need one.
A humble dining area.
Okay - back to the moist-heat clay pad

Download pCloud 
Download Mirror sfs

cc used:
picture 1: Mirror - Zx-Ta | Birdcage - Mlys | Candles on book - LittleCakes | Vase with flowers - Ars Botanica
picture 6:  Bookcases - Mlys
picture 8: Mirror, Open Book - Zx-Ta | console table: PlumbobArchitect
picture 10: paperwhites - Ars Botanica
picture 11: mirror - TheJim07 |  fireplace, logs, bucket: Teanmoon | Loveseat: SanoySims |  Birdcage - Mlys | Candles on Book - LittleCakes | Open Book - Zx-Ta
picture 13: fireplace - felixandre | bookcases - Harrie
picture 14: Sideboard - ATS4 | Vases: Mango | White vase - IllogicalSims 


  1. Lovely new set - thank you for bringing the wood block prints to ts4, especially! I do hope you feel better soon - neck pains are a...

    ...pain in the neck (speaking from personal experience) 🤗

  2. I'm in love! Especially those Norbertine linocuts...So good! Sending well wishes on the neck pain. Yikes!

  3. Really Great! I was hoping you would redo this art.
    Thank you!

  4. Beautiful set -- feel better soon!

  5. Beautiful. I love all of these. I hope you get well soon!

  6. This is gorgeous! Do you have the lot available for download?

    1. Hi Jamaal124 - I don't really build, but I do edit. Many of the promo shots I create are just rectangular boxes (often on the second floor for the best lighting) shot to look like it might be a bigger build. I am terrible at building. I do rely on either EA builds that I edit heavily with new windows/doors and changed textures OR I download from the gallery. This post highlights a great build from Jenba ( - she has a few #fixerupper builds on the gallery (under #jenba or Origin ID silrosse) - this one is specifically "Creek Corner" - it was used in this post as well as the Autumn Magic post here - it's really spectacular.

    2. Sorry I just saw your reply and thank you very much! One more question, I've been looking for that hanging light in the dining room, could you tell me the name and creator of light fixture if you still have the build? It looks like art deco or art nouveau, many thanks in advance!

    3. I think you asked me about this on Twitter? Generally speaking, if I don't credit something it's either in game OR I made it. That's from this set here: - part repair from patch breaks, part reconciliation for said patch breaks ....

    4. That was me LOL! I had seen several posts with those same similar lights and the tumblr/blogs I kept running across have little to no activity and when I saw your post on twitter (you know how clicking on one link leads to dozens later) and I found your wallpapers and rugs (which are just stunning by the way) and as I was scrolling I saw those hanging lights and I thought I would ask on here as well because I wasn't sure which social media page you were more active on. Thank you for the link with the light, I really, really, really appreciate it, finding good art deco, nouveau, and period lighting is so hard to find and I try to collect all that I can. Thank you again!

  7. For some reason I can't download :( and it would be perfect for my decades challenge :(

    1. Hi Mokosza - SFS is a free service and comes with some issues. I will be slowly updating all of my links to pCloud which is an ad free service I have paid for and is significantly more reliable. I will continue to use SFS as a mirror. Hope these wares will help out with your challenge!


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