Monday, September 9, 2013

Craftsman Chic Part 2

Small ideas can sometimes
be expanded upon
in unexpected ways.
A few windows 
a couple of doors
somehow don't complete the picture.

Today I am releasing Part 2 
of what is looking like a four part set. 

Arches, doors, and open doors.

Open Arches in three sizes
1x, 2x, and 3x  plain arches.
A new interior door
New Interior Door with knob options
Open Door Arches
in both interior door styles
both with glass and solid handles.
Interior Door Style 1
Interior Door Style 2
All of the open door archways
A faux 3x arch (with 1x routing)
[make sure you read the description in the catalogue]
Faux 3x arch with 1x path (shown here with routing)
A column/shelf
A shelf/column (specific height for faux arch,
catalogued as a column)
that is to be placed into
the faux arch for a more decorative arch, like so:
Combine to add "rock on" and a little bit of "oh baby!" to your game.
A quick note:
The faux 3x arch will place diagonally
thanks to Pocci and Heidi.
The diagonal is a slightly narrower arch
and the shelf does not place as well.
Holding ALT key while placing the shelf on the diagonal
is necessary. Do not use MoveObjects cheat as you need to 
see where the game shows it blocking the natural path while placing.

A huge Thank You: 
These items have been tested and refined 
with the help of Pocci, Heidi, Jenba, and Sandy.
A massive "THANK YOU!!!" is needed for both
Pocci and Heidi who allowed the faux arch to have
a diagonal path after much configuration.
Ladies, you rock the MF house!
 A ginormous "Thank You!!!...!!!!!!" to Pocci for
her invaluable input on many of these items.
Were it not for her help, this set would be 
laden with excuses or considerably later 
in its release with more tear stains . . . .
In the process of pulling together this set
I have reacquainted myself with the Goth family
and redesigned their home. 

It's not easy to photograph a set like this - meaning:
making these banal objects stand out, but in
going through all of the shots taken, the continuity of the style
is rather pleasing, if I do say so myself.

Have a look see:
Grand Hall
Living Room
Kitchen to Dining
Upper Hall
Guest Room (or, the Ghost's Bedroom - let's be honest)
Creepy Kids room
Upper Hall
Master Bedroom
Attic space
Mo' attic space
And now,
I give to you,
Part 2

Download Package Format
Download Sim3pack Format

10/15/2013 - Hey Sims2 players - Tinkle at BPS has converted part 2!
You'll need to register, but I think you'll be happy you did.

Part 3 available in 2020 (sigh - so slow I am moving)

CC Credits - if it's not credited, it's probably from the store, in game, or found here
Photo 1 - Telephone - Pocci
Photo 11 - Table, Vase with Flowers, Sideboard, Chandelier - Pocci
Coffee Table, Plant - Exotic Elements, Plant - Mango
Photo 12 - Curtain - Pocci, Bolster Pillow - Exotic Elements, Under Stair Shelving - Lily of the Valley
Photo 13 -  Sofa - Exotic Elements, Dining Chair - Pocci, Table - ATS3
Photo 15 - Plant in Vase, Teddy Bear Chair - Pocci
Photo 17 - Table, Chairs, Pendant Light - Pocci, Stove - Exotic Elements
Photo 19 - Floor Lamp - Pocci
Photo 20 - Antlers - MK


  1. Hi Bau! first of all I want to say thanks for your lovely windows, doors etc etc.. It's awesome. There's only one little problem. When I check the files with Sims 3 Dashbord almost all of your package files conflict with the 'window 5 package'. Very strange. I don't know yet if this is going to be a problem in game. I just wanted to let you know. Bye!

  2. Hi Conny - glad to hear you use Dashboard - more people should!
    The objects should be fine in your game. When a creators items 'conflict' with each other - there is 99.999% of the time nothing to worry about. You'll notice that many creators objects conflict within a set or with another of their sets. If my objects somehow conflicted with another persons set - then that might be something to worry about. There is a great article over at SimLogical that best explains it here. Specifically, note the comments about Custom Content.

    Play with peace of mind! And Thank you :D

  3. I'm going to read it. Thanx for your explanation!

  4. Thank you, Eric!!!! I soooooo love your first set, and can see myself overusing this one too. Your first is my go-to set for all things "classy." And this is a wonderful addition. And, even though I've redone the Goth's house a couple of times, I see that I'll have to redo it again. So thanks for all the inspiration.
    And that goes for Pocci too. Another one of my all-time fav creators! -samkat

  5. Oh My Geez,to bad I am an atheist....!!

    This stuff is so awesome it almost makes me want to propose to you!!!

    You rock my Sims world!

    keep up the amazing stuff!

    Erwin (erwinsims)

  6. Eric, this set is fabulous, I was anticipating it! I cannot wait for the other parts, I will definitely be using them all in my builds! Thank you so much for your quality work! <3

  7. Arrrgh, you forced me into it! You twisted my arm! You struck with a wooden stake into the cold heart of my non-CC world!!!! *faints*

    I kid. I loooove it. And I have it. Mwaaahaahaaahaahaaaaaaaa! :x

  8. Absolutely brilliant as always. While I mostly use your gorgeous artwork (which I hope you keep making, as they are stunning, especially the "Modern Masters" set - there's a sore lack of modern art in the game), I find this will fit well with the furniture from Awesims, there's something about Craftsman and Mid-century mixed with modern pieces that fuses beautifully together. Anyway, great work!

  9. oh em gee! i love love love the column shelves and pocket doors. this set is too amazing for words. thank you so much for sharing it. i have one quick wcif. may i ask where you got the chandelier in the hall (pic 14)

  10. Thanks everyone. I am completely humbled by the kind words and praise I have been given for these build sets. Thank you!

    Webby - I did it on purpose!

    mocha - believe it or not - that fabulous chandelier is from the store! Found here - I think I was oh em geeing that myself haha

    erwinsims - perhaps by part 4 you'll be more bold. haha

    Asger Wille-Jørgensen - There is more art in the future - but probably after the Craftsman set as a whole . . . unless I include a little sumtin-sumtin as a go along. Art is forever my weakness!

    Blissfully24 - pictures!!

    Samkat - the Goths will thank you. Isn't Pocci the best? :D

  11. I did take pictures silly, they are on my tumblr! I will be doing another build soon with the set =)

  12. Saw it as soon as I hit 'publish' - doh! Looking great! I am going to have to figure out a way to release a build once this set is done. It's the pattern collection that has me stumped.

  13. thanks for the link to the chandelier. this set of yours is going to be abused so much in my game. i forgot to comment on how much i love the glass knobs too. reminds me of the door knobs in my great-granny's house when i was a little girl. i really love this set. thanks again.

  14. Hi, I am so happy to have found this set. My house is a craftsman house that is almost 100 years old and I have recreated it in the sims. One of the missing features has always been the shelf columns between the dining and living room. Thanks to you and this set I now have them and my in game house is one step closer to my real house. Thank you for sharing your talent with those of us who have none!!

  15. D: I thought I had already left feed back but guess I forgot to.

    Anywhoo I just LOVE this set of windows, arches and doors your creating Bau. Please keep up the good work and I cant wait for the rest of the set!

  16. Man, that's just amazing! The Grant set is officially my favorite build set :D

  17. Sooo beautiful. Perfect. Thank you!

  18. hnnnngggnnnhhhh the Arch with the shelves & the pocket doors...that is all

  19. beautiful work. almost feel like re-installing sims 3 and 2 just so i can build with these.... i installed sims 4 like a month ago and there aren't many 'Object' downloads to find. I only wish that these beautiful objects you created were converted somehow to sims 4 objects, then I'd be set for another 3 months. One of these days when i get tired of the sims 4 i will re install either sims2 or 3 depending on how i feel hehehe. When i do, I'm coming straight here to download these gorgeous sets you created. :)

  20. Come back from the dark side Nikolai! Kidding aside, I hope the rumors are actually true and they are working out how to add CASt to TS4 - it was a massive oversight. At that point, wallet permitting, I will look into getting TS4. I would prefer to do my own conversions . . . . if I recall correctly, there was about an eight month wait for TS3 objects to start showing up - significantly anyway. I thought EA was releasing tools this time?

  21. Can you make some DOUBLE DOOR versions of BOTH interior door styles?

  22. Hey William - I am not sure that is in the cards. I am working on (slowly) a part 4 when I have time and I can force myself to focus on this set again, but the list of items that are needed is quite large. My 'double door' was actually intended to be the 'pocket door archway' where so many of the homes in this style had pocket doors - the problem is they don't correctly animate - hence the static archway. I have not really found photo references of any examples of interior double doors that are not pocket doors, so it has never been planned on. Not saying it won't happen, but currently it's not planned.

    1. Well, the "DOUBLE DOOR versions of BOTH interior door styles" that I meant was like this: 1) They are to open on hinges like a standard single-width door and the 2 tile exterior doors. 2) They have both the profiles of the solid knob and glass knob interior doors!

    2. I am well aware what you are asking for and I have already given you an answer. Let me be even clearer. It is a miracle that I am even returning to do a part 4 for this set as it was utterly draining. When one creates, it is a burden to be tethered to one idea for an extended period. While I feel there are many new ideas that will build on this existing idea, the technical drag of creating the identical item in numerous iterations is mind numbing. May I suggest to you what I do for every EA door and simply double up two single doors. Next time you are in game observe the animation of a double door. It is identical to two single doors - each door opens independent of the other. Your sim seriously won't mind.

  23. Hello!
    Where I can find the patterns used in the grand hall and the living room?

  24. It is an inherent problem with Sims 3 - patterns are not credited in game. That said - they are the most powerful aspect of Sims 3. It's a shame there isn't an easier way to identify them. I remember one of the patterns comes from and is part of a set called Haiku. Sadly, the hall pattern - while I have found it - it not attributed to any creator. It is called Fuju Garden Pattern.

  25. 2018 and still rocking this build set! <3
    Now I have to learn to Sims 4 without it! The horror. And yes, I'm this slow with new games :< (or my husband would just leave out the "with new games" and leave at that)


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