Monday, December 20, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

 Well you did it. 
You, my friends, have visited 100,000 times. 

To celebrate I got your something . . .
It's sort of a xmas gift, too.

What? You didn't get me anything?
Well here - take it.

No, really - take it.
I insist.
I made it myself.
No - they are not Ex-Lax Brownies.
Jesus, give me some credit.

I sewed all 100,000 myself.

These lil critters are based on the real ones I make
on a 1947 coffin case Singer sewing machine. 
It's true.
I am that crafty.

Just like in real life, these are not toys.

Wouldn't want you choking on the button eyes.

So, go ahead
this set
and someday you can buy the real thing
if I ever get off my ass and make them again.

(Seriously - thank you for the love and support.)

You'll need an OMSP to place on a chair or sofa. 
I designed it this way in case you wanted to put it on a shelf.
May I recommend these or these (page 2 at bottom).


  1. A gift? For me? No,no you shouldn't have *grabs gifts*...well, I just can't be rude and say nooo. Thanks! *smooches*

  2. Adorable! Thanks for the gift. Would love one of these in RL, too... ;)

  3. Oh so cuuute! My! My gifts! Thanks!

  4. My pleasure! I am always surprised when something becomes a 'hit' here at the studio - it isn't even 24 hours yet and this appears to be a popular item (we're at 102,000 now hehe)

    Velvet - too damned funny! I think I got a paper cut from how fast your grabbed the box

    veronarelapse - eventually I will get off my ass and make some more - I will surely make a post here when I do :)

  5. These are seriously too cute. And add me to the list of those who'd love a real one if you ever get around to making them again. 8D

  6. That crafty and that funny. Love these Bau! (102,000 downloads!? Holly cow how do you handle the traffic... or do you mean blog visits?)

  7. Bau, I LOVE your site. You not only bring us beautiful and unique gifts, but you have the best sense of humor. I love these animals, they are way too cute. I wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

  8. ADORABLE! A slight thread drift but do you make these for sale on the Internet? I would love to see some of your real life work. :-)

  9. Wow - thanks everyone - I am really touched that you all like them. This was an exciting project for me as I was able to learn a completely different way to mesh. Creating something that I had already created was sort of like taking pictures of my pictures - surreal.

    I don't have any posted at Etsy right now. The truth is they sold so much better in person as people could see the quality, but competing with six million other creators on Etsy was a major drag. Talk about getting lost in the mix.

    The seven that actually sold can be seen here at my shop: - what is very funny is that I know each of the buyers. Some shop! Pfft. Anyway - some day I will sit down to sew some new ones. I do have a few left from when the listings expired. I will be sure to post that I have something listed on Etsy here at this blog.

  10. Oh god that squirrel is the cutest thing I've ever seen :D The cats and dogs are adorable too! I would love to own one in RL.

    WoW has been eating up my game time lately, but I just had to go on a TS3 download spree again when I saw these and your lovely new rugs, thanks Bau!

  11. Well....I hate to be greedy but you're forcing my arm LOL!! *snatches these cuties and runs off* Thanks so much for these; they are adorable!!!
    Hug, Petra aka CrazyTulip

  12. aww ° 3°
    they are so sweet and adorable!
    I've discovered this post of you thanks to Black Pearl Sims' Magazine and I'm so exited now, can't wait to use these animals that comes out from your crafty mind, for my sims' house!
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. just stumbled upon your site and these are incredible!! i work for a veterinary office and i love these! you are simply amazing!

  14. Thank you! I need to mesh the squirrel and other designs too some day :D

  15. Aw! The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, side by side on the table sat.


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