Monday, October 19, 2020


It's nearly a decade later,
and high time to revisit these meshes.
Originally inspired by my daily work
these pieces have been crying out for a remastering.
Re-scaled, re-textured, primped and pampered.
Most of the images are updated to be higher quality
 while a few didn't make the cut.
It's also expanded with 12 additional images each.
Let's take a look, shall we?
Shadowbox mesh, originally from January 2011
Acrylic Box mesh, originally created January 2011
After remaking these, I realized EA also has an "acrylic box".
I hope you appreciate the subtlety of my mesh.
Glass was a lot easier to manipulate in S3,
but I am happy with the 'seams' in the acrylic boxes.
Take a look:
Then, by August 2011, I had reimagined
these meshes into smaller square frames.
These meshes have also been expanded with 12 additional images each:
Let's see a couple of these in action:
Your home office
That new hip bar
Coffee Haus/Used Book Store
Shadowboxes in the dining room
Acrylic Boxes in the dining room
But wait!
I've been holding onto something else.
Something completely new ....
Anonymity: 36 Faceless Portraits in a soft silver frame
I hope you can find something you can use.
Remember - these can be scaled up and down ( [ or ] ) to a size that is more useful to you.

cc used:
picture 2 - Sofa, Chairs - Peacemaker | Book - ATS4 | Tulips - Pocci | Coffee Table - MXIMS | Wine Glass - Mango | Sofa - Peacemaker
picture 8 - Key, Book - ATS4 | Color fan, Stacks of paper - BrazenLotus
picture 10 - Benches, Cushions - Peacemaker | Bookcases - MYLS
picture 11 - wall shelf w/drawer - Peacemaker | vase w/flower - Pocci
picture 12 - Sideboard, table - Peacemaker
Photo 15 - End Tables/Bed Frame - Peacemaker


  1. Wow! These are wonderful!! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much for continuing to bring amazing art to the game! 🤗🥰🤗


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