Monday, September 14, 2020

Something To Sing About

Whether it's at University
or the gym
we've probably all experienced
a bad shower.
Create your nightmare 70s locker room (shower quality will be significantly improved however)
Save money and time
going to therapy
and put that college education to good use.

Make your next single tile shower
a 2.1 experience:
•Better water pressure,
•Higher cleaning capacity,
•Effective water consumption,
•More colorful to boot.
Almost Invisishower 2.1 ....
Making en suites
one build at a time.
pCLOUD | mirror: SFS

CC Used:
lustrous metals color palette / shampoo/ tissue box / toothbrushes/ hanging towels / soap dish /mirror / blue tile walls - Peacemaker
hair dryer / robe- Brazen Lotus
yellow tile walls / rust tile floors - Allisas


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