Monday, October 14, 2019

Mood: Magic

You've always suspected it,
but I am something of a closet goth.
So when Realm of Magic came out
it got my creative juices going. 
Surely, it was a coincidence that it was released in Autumn,
my favorite time of year.
 I mean - what other reason could have been behind the release at this time of year?
All Saints Day? ... No ... it will come to me .....

So let's get started.
Dark Entries Wallpapers.
19 Wallpapers with white and dark brown trims.
These might look good in an entryway,
but assuredly, they will work in many other spaces too.
A variety of different patterns, 
sometimes cliche, sometimes esoteric,
but all to get your sim in the mood for magic.
(each wallpaper is completely seamless)

Then - an oldie, but a goodie:
A set originally released in 2012 for Sims 3,
now updated and slightly expanded for Sims 4
Each scientific illustration comes with a choice of 
black, gold, and silver frames
with a deep-bevel fabric mat.
That, however, is not all.
16 Bat themed Engravings.
A grouping of bats can be referred to as
a colony or camp when hanging, or a cloud while flying.
Trimmed in black, gold, or silver framing
with fabric mats and a matching fillet.
Hopefully, your sim will be inspired
no matter what kind of magic they desire.
The energy they put forth will return unto them threefold.

Want the recolor files? Check HERE

cc used: ALL PHOTOS -  Wall distress/Grime: EA | House by Jenba - Corner Creek Fixer Upper
picture 2: bust -  Zx-Ta | display case: BrazenLotus | poor bunny - LittleCakes | Stag: KellyMarie69 | human skull: NolanSims
picture 3: side table - TheJim07 | terrarium - MagnolianFarewell
picture 7: terrarium: ATS4 | plant: HistoricalSimsLife | plants: K-Hippie
picture 9: votive: huixt
picture 11: crystal ball: jools-simming | curio cabinet: TheJim07
picture 12: fireplace, sconces: Industrisims | mirror: Zx-Ta | bookcases: pyszny
picture 13: mirror, candles, candelabra: Zx-Ta | candles: Industrisims | photo: BrazenLotus
picture 14:plant: HistoricalSimsLife | bookcase: Zx-Ta | Mirror:Mlys
picture 15: bedframe, bottles: BrazenLotus | boards on windows: Peacemaker

In case you missed it: 
I retextured this canopy chair a while back - HERE - perfectly gothic for your moody and magick sims


  1. Stunning... I'm so horribly in love! Thanks for being my #1 art source for my game. :)

  2. Loving how this set came out - you do beautiful work and your artist's eye never fails! Thank you & Hugs 🥰🤗

  3. thank you for these b5!!! they're stunning! always so happy to see your work ;__;


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