Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(still) Life Choices

EA has so much gold in the Sims 4 catalogue,
but occasionally a mesh just misses its full potential.

Take the Flegel Studio floor lamp.
Perfectly fine mesh - very thoughtful
but limited. 
Who wants to paint a bottle, a bowl, and a book 
Every. Single. Time.
That's where WE come in.
Get rid of that tired old still life set up
you've painted, what - 50 times already?
With four scientists, three engineers
a celebrity decorator, and a catered meal
we have replaced that tired old still life with
a slot.
Wait - there's more.
That slot holds small
large items.
Wait ... there's even more.
It now comes in 12 colors.
Wait ... 
and it's Maxis Match.

I know - right?
This particular item
is a tiny hint to what comes next
when I return to the Thou Art part 2.

Until then, though, you can

11/18/19 *JUST* found Illogical Sims version (a year later) who has separated the
chair/light/still life into separate packages - absolutely worth getting HERE

cc used:   photos 5 & 6: desk chair - Allisas | specimen jar: Jools-Simming | skull - NolanSims | love potion & paint chip fan - BrazenLotus | pencil cup - MissRubyBird

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