Monday, October 25, 2010


It's a question of belief.
Can one really see the future?
Are we acting out what is predetermined or
are there too many variables?

These are questions best left to
the philosophers, scientists, and
the 900 number Psychic Friend.

Now your sim can tell the future too.
A new tarot deck (with two spreads)
and crystal ball might help them out.

The tarot has been around for hundreds of years
and scrying even longer. 
Something has to be said for that.

Still not enough? Being psychic is hard,
so they may need visual inspiration.
12 pictures? No. 13 pictures?
Now you're catching on.

 Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
Detail 9 - 13

Odd, esoteric, magickal, biblical, anatomical, 
and even a couple of cheats for the 
palmists and phrenologists.

So now you can tap into the aether and 
 read the tarot at home,
have a seance
or visit your local medium.

I predict you'll 
in both file formats


  1. Beautiful set baufive! And your posts are always very funny :)

  2. You're a regular comedian and artist Bau, love this set. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love reading your descriptions. You make this CC production a whole sensory experience. Love it!

  4. Aw, thanks everyone : ) I love the tarot. This set was a lot of fun to create and the promo shots were a load of fun to build.

  5. Hello! I am trying to download this awesome set but it just wont start the download T.T Is the link broken?

  6. Hi Berry - Although the link worked for me, I went to mediafire and clicked the 'share' button again only to receive a different URL. Not sure if there was some sort of glitch, but I have updated this link and tested it - still works for me . . . now I am hoping it works for you! Thanks for letting me know :)

  7. Unfortunately it is not, and I am not to sure why. I tried a few different things, even in IE tab and its still a no go. Wah I guess it just doesn't like me lol.

  8. Hmmmm - not sure what to say - I use Firefox.

    Occasionally I have attempted to download something from another creator and it will hang - usually saying there something along the lines of the servers are busy. What happens when you click the download link?

  9. It says "Your download is starting..." but then it never pops up. =o Very odd.

  10. Thank I have it worked out. Thanks for your time! ^-^

  11. You got it to download? If not I can email you the file . . .

  12. Magnificent!
    I absolutely love all of it.

  13. Sadly, it will not let me download.
    I click, and it takes me to a "Upload your file" page on Mediafire.
    Sometimes it takes me to a page for downloading, but the file is not there.
    I'm a tarot reader and want these for my SimSelf!

  14. Hi Lish - try it now - for some reason the link at mediafire seems to have changed? No idea why. I have updated the link.

  15. Bau, you just saved my Sim-life!! Thanks soo much :D
    I talked to my bf last night and he said every 30 days that a mediafire download doesn't get touched the link gets removed? Idk.

  16. Exactly what i've been looking for :) Amazing! Thank you.


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