Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out of the Shadows . . . .

Flat is okay on the runway, but not
if you're baking a souffle or
making stuff for sims 3.

Through a highly technical and very
complex process, these objects are finally 
imbued with dimension. 

Not just any dimension,
but three dimensions.

Super fancy.
Or 'Pissah'
if you're from Massachusetts.

The process is called 'baking' . . .
Not that kind though . . . 
this is more like the Easy Bake Oven
with less cardboard aftertaste.
mmmm . . . snacks.

Perhaps now I can convince the lot of you to
all the damned things.
11/14 Including a fix of the *&#$% CB2 Teepee Table.

That'll learn me.
Your silence (and lack of downloading)
was heard. 

Here are links to the original posts to 
catch you up to speed:
but the above link is all of items.

No - the lamps will not be reworked. Sorry bubbies.

You can also try the label 'baked'

Let us pray that I don't have more things to fix.
find and remove those to avoid duplicates.


  1. These look much better. I must admit I didn't download the old versions of these because the textures or something was just off. But now that arm chair especially needs to be in my game. Thanks for these they look really great and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

  2. Aw thanks! I have thankfully been taken under the wing of Heidi over at Exotic Elements - she taught me how to bake shadows and I had promised myself to go back and fix the things I struggled to create. I really appreciate the feedback :)


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