Saturday, July 10, 2010

Italian Style

Painter, sculptor, engraver, icon.
 You may not have known his name,
but I bet you recognize the work . . . 
well, some of it.
 detail of 1 - 4
detail of 5 - 8
detail of 9 - 12

Contemporary and traditional
 wrapped up into one neat package,
 the often humorous designs
 work well in nearly any decor.

It'll cost you, it's §5200 simoleons,
which is cheap for such fine art.
(the real ones are rumored to reach $40k!)
Oh, and Anonymous#3, it's 3x2.

Pattern enabled to assist those who
have CASt problems.

in both formats

antlers by MK 


  1. Jeebus ole Crikey! I'm gonna encourage you too learn patterns because you have such great taste. Yummy!

  2. That room with the blue carpet is from TS3? Seriously? Where did you get that sideboard? And that mirror? And that FIREPLACE? Also, no, I did not know the artists name, but I certainly recognise the art. Love your work. Love your taste. Will be back.

  3. Hi Sholaa - Thank you so much for your kind words :)

    I tried to get you direct links, but the fireplace site is now registration only. Very cool fireplace - my only complaint about it would be that if you put it on the first floor in say a loft space with a very high ceiling, it has a wonky extension. See the whole set here:

    The Io Sideboard is by Gosik at TSR I think it is a pay item - half of her stuff is and half is not - very talented and one to watch.

    The mirror is from VitaSims

    You didn't ask, but that bench in the foreground is over at Awesims - if you like the above items, you'll love her site:

  4. TY so much for those links, I keep finding fantastic CC which keeps leading me to even more great stuff - it's a vicious cycle!


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