Monday, July 5, 2010

Bigger is sometimes better

Sometimes you just need a big one.
Nothing to be ashamed of
we've all been there . . .
I present to you
the biggest, thus far,
in the series of Oriental rugs.
Detail 1 - 4
Detail 5 - 8
 Detail 9 - 12

Based on the 5 x 3 tile rug,
this new mesh (by yours truly)
will work for just about any larger space,

no matter what the style.
If this doesn't fill your size needs
you my friend are insatiable!
Go on . . .
you know you want to.
both file formats
big big big file - sorry bubbies 


  1. this is great! funny because I have never used rugs in my game before and now it's full of your oriental rugs :D keep them going!

  2. Thank you for even more rugs! They look really good ingame. I just wish we could use the CASt tool too swap between them (no recolor them) it is a bit hard to see how they look in the preview.

  3. You've outdone yourself, my friend. These are fantastic. Thanks for listening to my problems so closely before, as well.

  4. I am glad you all like them - thank you!

    I want to try something tonight and I might be posting a link for testers regarding the CASt problem - it is something that I have not tackled head on and I know it is the tarnish on the silver lining to everyone.

    Interim - I am so happy you took the time to tell me about the problem - I was sorry that I could not be of more assistance and I am flummoxed about the HELS thing - perhaps it simply is that(?) - but it's got me thinking about this whole CASt problem and I hope this new theory will be a solution for everyone : )

    Stay tuned . . .

  5. Okay - you'll need to read my plea at my other blog here:

    I hope this fixes the CASt problem for the rug - but I absolutely need the feedback. If this works I will change every rug file I have already uploaded to act the same way.

    Thanks in advance for your help : )

  6. You know what I will do when I get home later this day... I will have to start dowwnloading! These are great! Off to read your other blog first to read about the CASt thing...


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