Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Now I'm Found

It's been a spell.
And much has happened,
but what really counts is that I am here now.
This art set was started last summer.
It was going to be huge.
Then, and here's the Readers Digest condensed version,
life happened.
So I am here today
bearing gifts of retinal pleasure.
Not so much 'lost' as delayed,
but, with any hope, that much sweeter.

Originally released for Office Sweet/Studio Sweet back in 2016
These canvases were originally intended for an easel:
The original 2016 release on the left; canvas, two frames, and shown in frames on the right
The original 2016 release on the left; canvas, frams, and shown in frame on the right
But, I realized later it was a missed opportunity 
to also have them for the wall.
I have rectified this oversight, and added:
A Smattering of Square | From the Easel to the Wall [square] | Modern Times
Identity | From the Easel to the Wall [rectangle] | A Ration of Rectangle
But that's not all.
It was time for a new shape.
Something figural.
Figural 1 | Figural 2
And of course,
all good canvases deserve a frame:
 This concludes this part of the set,
but the set is not yet complete.
It was intended as a large set, and the rest still needs to be finished.
I just can't sit on these any longer.
I hope you can enjoy these, while I continue
to work on what I originally set out to make. 

Have a look (some images show the next part of this set - patience grasshopper):

 cc used:
picture 2 - chairs: Mango | sideboard: ATS4 | mirror: Zx-Ta | curtains: allisas |
light fixture: Industrisims | table, floor: Peacemaker

picture 3 - plant: Peacemaker
picture 12 - dresser: Peacemaker
picture 13 - bookcase: BustedPixels | patterned throw pillows: Peacemaker
picture 14 - bookcases: pyszny | windows: tingelingelater | sidetable: illogicalsims |
sofa, coffee table, living chair: Peacemaker

picture 15 - living chair: vonndasun | sofa, bench, console: Peacemaker
picture 16 - dining chairs, sofa(in shadow): ATS4 | lamp, counters, tiles: Peacemaker
picture 18 - sofa, coffee table: Peacemaker | bookcases: pyszny


  1. Fantastic! You are one of my favorite creators, and I am so glad you are back! Thank you for this fabulous painting collection (in my game there is still Office Sweet / Studio Sweet). I'm waiting for the next part ...

  2. You are one of my favorites. I am also from Atlanta, Cobb county. I've been following you for years. I thank you for such wonder items.

  3. Love your work! Thank you~

    (Also, where'd you get that map wallpaper in Photo 16?? I'm in love with it!)

    1. The wallpaper was something I released originally on Tumblr before pulling away from that platform. It can be found here on this page towards the end of the post https://www.b-5studio.com/2019/01/tumblr-who.html


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