Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy House

I had a request once for a large rug.
Larger, still, than I had already made.
It was a project that 
never quite made it to the front burner.
Why do we need exceptionally large rugs?
But the idea intrigued me.
How does one make a large rug 
while also keeping clarity
given the limitations 
to texture sizes?
A quarter rug, rotated and mirrored.
I deem it a Kaleidoscope rug.
The name comes from 
the gadget you look through and rotate
 The tubes length is lined with mirrors
reflecting the shiny trinkets at the end 
in unexpected and trippy patterns.
Which is pretty much how many rugs already look if you stare at them.
[wow man .... duuuuuuude!]
So, while I was at it, I decided to convert a couple more of my meshes
to the S4 platform while also expanding the S3 collection.
First we have the 5X3:
Preview from S3
Same set - preview in S4
 Then, a new size I created that is subtly different
for SFMagazine when I was a featured artist
(in case you missed it - check it out and get that gift set here - page 178)
Preview from S3
Same Set - preview S4
It's called SF series 2 cos, like,
there was a Series 1 given away as part of the gift.
(you did go and read it ... right?)
If you're an S4 player - here is that same set converted 
for you as a bonus:
I don't have a ton of previews
I mean - you all know what you can do with a rug,
Okay - have a look see:
And there you have it.
Hopefully next set will be a little more dynamic
than a few rugs.
Many of you already know that I have been taking it easy
while I wait to have surgery on my shoulder.
I might be out of commission for a spell, but I hope to be back
with a lot more interesting stuff before too long.

Download Today:
Sims 3 (both formats)
(9/5/16 - S4 file is updated with fixed rug plus additional goodies - if you just want the fix download here)
CC Used:
Picture 8: Plant, Coffee Table / Mango | Bench Seating / OhMySims | Bolster / Peacemaker
Picture 10: Candle / Omorfi Mera
Picture 11: Table, Vase, Stool / Exotic Elements | Butterflies / Pocci | Shelving / Awesims
Picture 12: Candles / Mango | End Tables /Youn Zoey
Picture 13: Curtains / DesignSimsAvenue | Coffee & End Tables / Pocci
Picture 14: Mirrors / OM | Black Mirror / Peacemaker | Table, Chairs, Curtains / Mango | Console Table / Youn Zoey


  1. So happy to have your rugs back in my game Bau :)

  2. /So/ glad to see you putting up S4 stuff now. It was sorely missed!

  3. Wonderful I love very large rugs, they make a difference to the way a room looks. Thanks heaps.

  4. Your rugs are making me excited to get back into S4!

  5. I love the rugs, but what really caught my eye in this post is the double doors used in the first screenshot. I would really appreciate it if you could point me toward where to find it. Thanks so much! Also thanks for all the phenomenal content, you are brilliant and generous!

  6. Hi Florus - just loaded a mod free game to make certain, but that is a basegame door - found in the medium sized doors. Hope that helps!

  7. LOVE these gorgeous rugs. Thanks a ton.

  8. Help! I lost my content for Sims 3 and I'm having to redownload everything. I can't seem to get your links to work. Is there an alternate place to get all your gorgeous Sims 3 things?

  9. SimFileShare (SFS) has been a little irregular lately, but the link works. Online file hosting always presents a problem when using free sites, but SFS is one of the best. I used to use MediaFire, but it's laden with virus' and malware.

  10. Just so you know its 2020 and I use the heck out of these rugs!

  11. just so you know its 2020 and I use the heck out of these rugs!


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