Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cover All

 Back in 2010, I introduced this:
Sure for the time I was pleased
It got the job done
but there was something missing
something ...
perhaps style?
Skill ... there we go - skill.

Cut to today. We're in a new era ...
Sims are all emotional ...
everything is candy colors ...
It's just ... great.
Except - how do I convert

Answer? I don't.
I remake it.
Look Ma, I'm LOWER poly count too!
This is what it should have looked like.
And it should have had a sibling.
 And cousins.
And parents ... or is it genetic donors (?) ...
(it's tough being completely politically correct these days)
but more about the rest of them in a moment.

Let's just stare at the original/remake for a moment ...
is that comic sans? oh god no . . . . it's worse than I thought
Okay - quickly moving along ...
So back in 2011 I re-released some rugs on a new mesh
and then cut to 2015 and I am looking in old folders
and I find one set that was never converted ...

You may see where I am going with this ....

So a set starts to form.
It's still small at heart, but 
man is it large in file size.
(not poly size - file size)
First you get 18 new ottomans
(19 for S3 - one to recolor)
 You get a second, taller & narrower 
ottoman coffee table:
Then came the rug discovery - 
Kilim Series 2:
Then I discovered I had amassed 
quite a selection of rug textures ....
Finally I realized there was nothing to sit on
and as LGR points out - there are precious few chairs in S4
so I had to help rectify that:
Counter Stools are a MISC COMFORT category
Have a look at these items set up in rooms:
So go ahead.
Indulge your emotional sims
with some grungy worn textures.
All those candy colors are going to rot their teeth out.
Expose them to something with a history.
Kilim Set SIM3PACK

Again - these are large zipped files - sorry - it was confusing to break it up.

**September 12, 2015 **HEY! Want Ottoman 1 as a seating option? 
The lovely HarmonySimblr has converted this object for your sims seating pleasure! 
Check out her post here!

Enjoy bubbies!

Most of the stuff in the photos is either Game/Store/or found here,
but these are the CC items used:
photo 23 (S3): stove - Exotic Elements
photo 25 (S4): vase - Peacemaker / bird - Mango
photo 28 (S4) - bed, bedding, polygon silhouette animal paintings, end table, lamp - Peacemaker
Photo 29 (S4) - bar - ATS4
Photo 30 (S4) - Candles - Mango


  1. oh my god Bau I am so happy you are creating for TS4!!!

    and what a amazing set you have gifted us with. Thank you!

    Hope you are doing well. Huggles to you and Laika

  2. Congratulations! These are perfecto!

  3. Beautifully done, thanks so much.

  4. These are amazing! Can't wait to use them! Thanks so much!



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