Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Craftsman chic: Can four be a magick number too?

It only took
a year and a half 
to get back to this set.

Your patience is about 
to be

That's right bubbies:
More Grant Park.

Let's get right into 
exactly what you're going to download.
Cos ...
it's a lot.
64 pieces to be exact.
Accurate, yet anal.

hehe he said anal

Attic window and vents have been placed lower so they'll
fit the gable. If you want to use a specific window/vent, you might
have to alter your square count so it centers properly. Attic windows
align to the bottom of the original windows.
The counter, privacy, special, and fireplace windows all align
to the top of the regular windows.
Left and Right window flank perfectly to the sides of other, regular width, windows.
These are perfect for placement near corners and perpendicular walls.

Part 1 windows - #1 request: make them also 2x1 - so here you go. 
That's a lot of windows.
But wait ... there is more.
Part one alternate placement - popular request! Narrow doors
work perfectly near corner and perpendicular walls.
Another popular request. This version has 4 channels to CASt!
Narrow archway is great for a narrow hallway. Won't cause wall bleed.
The modular arch works well for especially long archway needs.
Oh sure - you had the fence/railing - but NOW you get a gate. Two in fact.
Wow - this is a lot of stuff!
Oh - but we're not done yet!!
Okay - shoot me. I couldn't get the diagonal perfect. EA didn't even offer
a diagonal option. Sheesh!
Column sleeves for options. OPTIONS PEOPLE. Now it isn't even
necessary to have an archway. God love me.
What self respecting Craftsman wouldn't have a buffet?
All self respecting Grant Park homes have one of these.
So there is it.
all 64 motherlovin' pieces.

If you can't make a okay looking Craftsman
with these four parts,
well then you're playing a board game!

Let's have a looksee,
shall we?

Download Sim3Pack format
Download Package format
Also - for those of you who prefer it,
Grant Park Parts 1 - 4 (plus Pocci's Curtains) in a merged package file
Download Merged Package*
*Make sure you if you install this merged package you remove the single files!

Update 4/1/15:  No joke - I have pulled together my first collection file.
(parts 1-4 plus Pocci's Curtains)
The icon will look like this:
 Instructions included, but quickly:
install the Collection file into your Collections/Users folder
Install the Icon file into your Mods/Packages folder
Thanks to Inge for creating Collection Tweaker, Desiree-UK for pointing it out, 
Berryique for linking the original collection file, 
Pocci for her original Collection file (parts 1-3) and the curtains! 
Thank you also to all the folks at Tumblr who tested this collection file:
ColorboxSims, Nyx1961, and Pocci herself! (mwah! <3)
If you don't know what a collection file is or
you know but you don't use them - you don't have to install this!
08.31.21: Well, surprise ... there's more.
The following files were offered to donators as a thank you. 
I cannot open S3 to take new photos, so the preview photos will have to do. 
These are not a part of the aforementioned 'Collection' file. 
These are offered as is. While I have had no complaints, 
I am no longer actively creating for S3.
Truth be told, it's been so long I can't remember enough about them
to even answer any questions. 
These objects are very special to me, and I hope they are something that you can use.
Here's the unofficial part 5:

CC Used in photos (if uncredited, it's a store item, a game item, or found on this site):
Exterior shots: Plants, Plants, Plants
Siding, Siding, Siding, Siding
Picture 21 - Lucite DiningTable
Picture 24 - Arm Chair / Window Seat
Picture 25 - Log Basket / Craspedia
Picture 28 - Counters / Round Dining Table / Stove
Picture 29 - Desk


  1. Great blog, you have amazing creations, well done.

  2. OMG!! You really have spoiled us with this set & what an awesome set it is. Thank You for sticking with Sims 3 Mwah!
    Ps Will you be doing a set of different mouldings? hint hint ;p

  3. Thank you both! Gardenof ... not sure if I will include a new moulding in Part 5 . . . but you never know ;)

    1. Speaking of including things in part 5, can you include a version of your pocket doors that actually open and close and are cloned from the "Into The Future" door called "Majel Bulwark Sliding Door by Van Allen Decor"?

    2. I will take this request into consideration. I am not familiar with what it would take or if the bone assignments will make sense to me, but if there is a functioning base that also works for actual pocket doors? That sounds awesome!

  4. These are gorgeous! I can't wait to play with them :)
    Thank you

  5. Everything about this is wonderful. It was some of my favorite custom content for TS3! It sounded as though you weren't terribly keen on converting to TS4... Must we beg?! Is there nothing that you can be tempted with?! Could the world be so cruel?! I haven't had any luck with requests, and I do so long for this treasure trove of architectural goodies...

  6. Thank you for your praise. This set is so extensive and took so much time to complete that in the process of trying to finish it - it robbed me of a great deal of the joy that I receive from creating. I have one last set in me for the Grant Park series - I am not sure when I will start it or if any of the pieces will be made for Sims 4 at the same time.

    There is hope though. My TOU makes it possible for others to convert this set and with any luck, it won't be long before someone has a go at it and possibly improve upon it. Sims 4 windows can be anywhere on the wall which is a huge advantage.


    I am having so much fun with this set, thank you so much for making it.

  8. Would it be at all possible to have these converted to TS2? That would be awesome.

  9. That would be awesome ... TS2 is a game I have never played, nor do I ever plan on playing. Tinkle has done the first two parts of this set - I don't know if anyone has attempted parts 3 & 4. The TS2 tag (right top) links to TS2 conversions I am aware of linked in the original post.

  10. Thank you so much for this set! ^^ I love all 4 parts; they're so versatile and really well-made. You've done a lovely job and I really appreciate all the hard work that went into the set.

  11. i have all four sets! thank yo so much!

  12. Would you consider making a counter height window that matches the narrow window style 4?
    Much appreciated!

  13. This set is both an accomplishment and an albatross for me. I lost friends (seriously) and nearly quit creating all together because of it. I love this set, but I will not be returning to it. That said, my TOU permits people to use my meshes in whole or in part with credit and without profit. I welcome anyone to add on to this set for S3 or to convert it to S4/S2. If someone is serious about wishing to do an add on and wants original files to work from, please feel free to ask, I am happy to provide anything that will make their project easier. Thanks for understanding.

  14. hey, long time no discussion. how are you? i just have to say that this is my most favorite build set. period.

  15. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog from Gelina's blog. This set is AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to download and put it in my game. Thank you much for sharing this gorgeous set.

  16. Hi there. I LOVE this set. Unfortunately, my game won't start with it in the mods folder. Has that happened to anyone else?

    1. Hi Heather - I have not had a complaint like that regarding this set when I played Sims 3, so I am not sure what to tell you. I haven't been in that game in a number of years so I am a bit rusty with tips and tricks. As with all Sims iterations, it's sometimes hard to figure out the culprit. You could try it in a vanilla game and see if you are getting the same results. From recent comments, it is sounding like it still works for others.
      It is possible there is a conflict with another piece of CC, but for the game to simply not start sounds like you might be trying to put this in Sims 2 or 4? I don't want to assume that, but that is the result I get when I attempt to put the wrong version file into my game. If that is not the issue you might ask on Tumblr from other Sims 3 players if they have issues with it. Apologies for not being much help with this.

  17. is it possible to get this converted to sims 4, i'm looking for the column sleeve's

  18. The column sleeve is useless without the cabinet base it fits on. I have no intentions of translating any part of the build set for Sims 4. This is only made firmer with the September 3, 2020 patch which broke every single custom door and window.

  19. can i please convert these? i am just now jumping into conversions, and i would like for this to be my first project!

  20. Hats off to you for wanting to try. Many have asked, none have come through. While I miss this set myself, I don't have it in me to convert it ... at least the build portion ... I miss that sideboard ... If you need anything to assist you with converting, please reach out either here or on Tumblr and I will see what I can do.

  21. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for making these, you do amazing work. Is it possible to make a color channel for the hardware though? I really want gold hardware for my Locke and Key house lol

    1. Crystalized33 - these are Sims 3 only - so, yes - you can easily change them in game to whatever you want.


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