Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Captive mind

On the surface
These items are containers 
of sorts.

Furniture that can hold an item,
Or a vessel to hold something else
like coffee or something a little less tangible
like an idea or knowledge. 

Seems relatively straight forward.
Objects that hold things.
And you my friend would be correct.

Things run deep however. 
Emotions can stunt
Ideas can cause pause
Memories can tether. 
These are other ways of holding
(or restraining), too.
Queue the trippy sitar music . . . 

I have been held captive
by a personal need to fill a request:

Ambitious for my experience at the time. 
I had a tiny request to simply fix the shadow.
In looking at the file, I finally concluded
it made more sense to start anew.
(makes perfect sense, right?)
2010 left (naive . . . quaint even), 2013 right (rocking it's mutha*** antique heart out WOO!)
Flour Cabinet 2013:
More like the original in my kitchen today.
Smarter mapping for better texturing.
3 masks for CASt options.
Smoothed and welded - as any good mesh should be.
Now acts like a WA chest. Base game compatible. 
You don't have to get rid of the old one
there are plenty of these out there with variation
but this one, is (clearly) a better mesh.
Pats self on back. athankyo.

Returning to the kitchen set from 2010 made me 
examine another elephant in the room . . . the:

Something I wanted to make
because I use these every day.
I even had a version that looked like it was stacked.
Fancy. Nearly 900 Polys fancy. Moly!
fig 1 & 1a - 2010 - a little girthy with it's poly saturation,  fig 2 - 2013 - svelte and carb free
Metlox Mug 2013:
you may kiss my ring
Less Polys (400+ less in fact)
Less presets.
Smoothed and welded.

So many items in the game that have doors and drawers.
They don't hold anything.

So, the Tall Metal Cabinet:
Just like the one I own . . . $5 dollah
acts like a WA chest
(base game compatible)
and has slots on top to hold more - visibly.

The Jelly Cabinet:
I have the original in my dining room - who got the better end of that deal?
Is also like a WA chest - it also has
47 slots (3 under the cabinet)
for holding a even more stuff like:

Books - lots of them
(one book or stack to make a library - your choice):

with 1 slot for stacking or placing things like mugs . . . for instance

With two slots for stacking either size next to each other.
Six preset styles each with one extra for CASting on the standing
and two extra on the one that lays down 
(more surface to see so two tiling options)
These look lovely in the aforementioned Jelly Cabinet
if I do say so myself . . . and I do.


Leon's memorial mug and, of course, the Metlox Mug 2013
Each designed to stack - the one with the handle 
(using ALT to turn) can stack in different directions.

To brighten all of the above
the light that I need to make in person
and have said I would make for four years now
the prototype Washboard Wall Lamp

Just a note - best on "DIM" light settings when using light colors to CASt
Scrub away those troubles in an appropriate amount of light.
Two versions - stenciled or plain.

What's that? It doesn't hold anything?
What's that over there?

So there you have it bubbies.
Things that hold other things
both in literal and philosophical ways.

You can:

Create a mix and match farm house dining room
Fancify yo' already high tech laundry room
Do research in the kitchen
Or is that stalking your ex? hmm.
Or have reading material handy for your dinner with your husband of 50 years.
Your choice.

Download Package format
Download Sim3Pack format

January 10, 2015 - Hey TS2 players!! Just learned that m0xxa converted the cups and books from this set for TS2 - you can find those here! They're gorgeous!!
Flour Cabinet and Jelly cabinet have also been converted here!
Thanks so much to the following artists for enhancing my CC folders in the above photos:

photo 1: Artichoke Centerpiece - Pocci, Red Chair - CMOmoney, Plant in can - Exotic Elements,
Round Table, Plant with Pink Flower, Cake Plate - ATS3

photos 12/13: Brown hanging light, Dining chairs, Window & Arch - Pocci, Silver Tea Pot - ATS3,
Silverware in Jar - Camille

photo 14: Finial Centerpiece - Exotic Elements

Full notes and background stories at my side blog


  1. Nice to see you back. *smile* I love your stuff, especially the objects.

  2. Amazing! Just Amazing! Love love love the presentation! I felt like i was reading some kind of article in a magazine or something! I hung to every word! and photos just Fantastic! Thanks so much for your hard work on the objects! They will be greatly used in my game! Man I'm gonna miss sims 3 when sims 4 comes out! for reasons like this, great custom content! Thanks, Thanks so freakin much for all your contributions to The Sims 3 Game custom Content World Ever!

  3. Thank you so much for this set, every item is lovely!
    I also enjoy reading your descriptions; they are really creative and unique, just like your creations :)

  4. You're back! W00t! Love the new items. :D

  5. this is great :D

    but... could you pls tell me where I can find the round table?? It's so adorable :)
    greets Ninjy

  6. Thanks all for your kind words and support :)

    PrettyT002 - Sims 4 could have us all with jaw agape - looking forward to the previews - I think you'll see a number of creators make the transition

    veronarelapse - you have to come back too!

    Ninjy - I originally thought it was Lily of the Valley, but I am pretty sure that it's Sandy's table from ATS3 - I will correct the credits list with the link

  7. Great work as always!
    Thank you very much.
    But please where can I find the bird under the jar on the top of the jelly cabinet?

  8. Believe it or not - it's a store item. Can be found here

  9. Thank you for your quick answer. But I need to change my glasses, it's a nest with eggs not a bird!

  10. Truth be told, I thought it was a bird too until I looked at the store hehe - still like it!

  11. Love the cabinets, love it all, but best of all is to see you back with your delightful writing, one part existential observation, two parts delightful, quirky sense of humor!

  12. You are an amazing designer. I love your work!

  13. Hi bau!

    Where to start, Gosh, I really love everything you do - your creations, amazing pictures, your comments, absolutely amazing stuff, thank you!!!

    now more mundane part of comment WCIF :)) It's the wallppaer question. Pics 3,4 (where you present ur cabinets) - the upper part I recognize it - its EA pattern, but the wooden 3/4 panels, what is it? I was tearing off my hair all evening to find it somewhere - in vain!

    thank you,


  14. Hi apreel
    Thank you! And sorry! I thought all this time I had my 'tags' accurately represented. I forgot to check off the walls category.
    Those walls - I wish I knew who did the base for that wall and suspect it was a TS2 item - I adjusted the mask to work for my purposes and can be found here: http://www.b-5studio.com/2011/05/changing-seasons.html

  15. Hi,

    Thanks! Hmm dont want to be a nuisance, but the Download Wall files link is dead :(. Can you revive it?


  16. Sorry for the delay - I had to find the original files on an external hard drive - I didn't have them uploaded to the same place I have my other objects. The link has been corrected. Let me know if you have any further problems!

  17. Simply superb craftsmanship, Bau. Your jelly cabinet brought me one step closer to completing my apartment. Where might I find the blue and white chairs you included in the first picture?

  18. Thanks, Joe! The blue chair was a gift that went along with the interview I did with SFMagazine, found here - the white chair believe it or not is from the store - a set called Provence - or directly here


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