Monday, June 25, 2012

Sign of the Times

Who said 'if you build it,
they will come"?
What a load of malarkey!

To survive in the city,
your business needs to be noticed.
Especially in this economy!
What you need is a sign.
A big glowy neon sign.

Well how handy is it that
I just so happen to have a set for you.
12 new files* to help
your business light up the night.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Holy Hellcat Lounge
Spyglass / Boutique / Tattoo
Marquee Set (3 pieces)
The Pink Elephant
Salon (two styles) / Atomic Koffee / Psychic
To place, you may (or may not)
need the cheat 'moveobjects on'
depending on what floor
you decide to put them.

Oh, and the kicker is . . .

Sorry Bubbies. I tried and I tried,
but I could not get consistent results
any other method and still
get the look I required
read: four channels).
You can read about that nightmare here.

How about some more pictures?
The new Banal Outfitters has ruined the charm of Old Main Street
Have your palm read OR drink coffee and read people
Vitale Sesson's original minimalist salon
You'll want to pay too much at this salon
Back Alley Fun at the oldest Speakeasy in town
Old buildings get new life with a new business
Main Street East at night
Catch a gallery opening and go to a Whodunnit Dinner
Hipstah Square - Get a emocut, a tattoo, and catch a show!
Main Street Revitalized with NEON
So, because I know so many of you DON'T read the text,
to download, you're going to a warning screen first.
Be forewarned that you're about to be warned!
*requires LATE NIGHT
Direct Links:

Some Notes:
These signs are also lights. They have been tested extensively
in other peoples games as well as my own. Light settings have been set to warm white.
I would recommend whatever main color you decide to have your light,
that you copy the RGB integers to apply as a custom color light setting.
You may need to brighten the light settings if you use a darker color
as you would with any light. It is also recommended that you use
World Adventure Tomb Lighting and Late Night Building Lights from
BuyDebug. Lights only light the floor that they are assigned to. If you have these
on the second floor - only the second floor wall will be illuminated. This is a game flaw
and not something that I can correct. Because all lights have different base settings
you may need to adjust the brightness of the BuyDebug lights to 'look correct' with these signs.

Jen, Amy, Susan, Marisa, Martine, Sandy, Sam, Alex, Heidi, Daniel, & Ruth
Their bravery and feedback have helped to provide you with the best possible results.

Picture Credits:
These photos have been vastly improved with objects from ATS3, Club Crimsyn,and Awesims


  1. yay! go you! they are magnificent, eric! thank you so much! ♥

  2. Awesome! These are great! Almost wants me to makeover my town! Instead, I think I'll just gussy up a building or three or more!

  3. Congratulations! I can't thank you enough for making these and it was a joy to test them for you! : )

  4. I like anything that makes my downtowns look downtownier, but these are especially nice.

    The download disclaimer is great, btw.

  5. I love your warning sign! :P
    Great job. :)

  6. Gee, I love your concern with other people! You´d even help us making the living for our business sims, how thoughtful. And, by the way, these signs are awesome and you warning was just, yeah why not, genious!!!

  7. Awesome :D

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Love these!!! Like your agreement about having late night installed to download? Can't imagine people complaining!!!
    This is FREE!!!! We should all be thrilled you take your time and effort to make these items and share them!!

  9. You are the absolute bomb, Bau! And I was the worst tester ever - didn't even get around to sending you the pictures of the signs in my town (which look FANTASTIC, btw). Once again, I am in awe of your meshing skills. :)


  10. Yay, they've been released! Loving the pictures and the flavor text! :D Congrats on another gorgeous set -- they were an absolute pleasure to test! Thank you for sharing such amazing goodies with us!

  11. I love these signs endlessly, they're just perfect, thank you so so much!!! And as usual great screenshots and great text, I always enjoy the little stories that go with your downloads. Oh, and I love your warning, hehe... ;)

  12. Thank you Bau - love these! And that warning before downloading is kind of funny!

  13. Huzzah I'm glad to see them released Bau! They're absolutely incredible and I can't wait to use the final versions in my new town!

    And hi Marisa! *wave* Are you playing (and perhaps creating) again? :D

  14. Love those! Thanks :)
    Also good job on making sure everyone sees they are for late night :D

  15. Hey, Martine! Yep, still playing. Haven't created for a while, but definitely want to get back into it. :)

    (Sorry for hijacking your comments, Eric!)

  16. Oh my god,those neons are awesome.Right now i`m planning a set of buildings with a more neon-lighted 50s Style and youe lights come in handy.
    Thanks alot!

  17. These are amazing, I wish I could play with these in my game. Would you ever consider converting them to the Sims 4?

  18. The future of a conversion is unclear. Lights in S4 are a major pain in the butt - that said - when you can get them to work well, they are simply phenomenal. I will say my TOU is open for anyone to convert them - let's hope if they get to it before me that they do it with some love ....


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