Sunday, August 8, 2010

No, you can't live with me, but . . .

What inspires us
is sometimes all around us.
My home is a history of
tangible memories.

Today I share some of these with you:
The coffee table I refinished with my father,
 the designer pole lamp I bought for a song, and
 the arm chair I starved to buy 
(minutes before the NYC dealer drove 7 hours to get ha!).

In appreciation for all the kind words,
I offer you to Download
a bit of my RL home.
in both formats 
Chair and Table improved with shadows
Link is updated

Special thanks to:
for urging me to get UVMapper Pro


  1. I want that armchair in RL! It's divine.

    Hope you're enjoying UVMapper Pro. :)

  2. Thanks for letting us in on that small piece of your life, bau. Looks great. Downloading now. You're doing better and better every day.

  3. Thanks all :)

    Sixtyten - I almost wrote you after you released your Bantam sofa/armchair set to ask if you'd consider making that armchair - you were my triple dog dare to even start meshing at all!

    Thanks again veronarelapse for urging me to get UVMapper pro - what a huge difference! I don't think these recent sets could have been done without it. Now I just need to learn more about how to work with it so I can apply shading!

    Interim - good to see you! Hope you like these and hope the 'repaired' rugs work better for you. I can't thank you enough for giving feedback - it's the only way I can improve :)

  4. So chic and retro! Bring back my 70's and beautiful memory!

  5. I love that pole lamp, reminds of the ones my mom would put too high wattage bulbs in and it would melt the shades. Haha, good times, loved the 60's and 70's. Thanks alot for the nice pieces to add to my retro collection.

  6. If this is what your house looks like IRL, then I want to visit.

    also i blame you entirely for my newest addiction to CB2. especially with me going way over my personal spending limit for four of those swell chairs on clearance. /defeated

  7. Thanks everyone - this was a dear project to me and I love that people like this small set. I hope to work on a few more things in the near future that come from my own home.

    Friday - this is the simified version of what my home looks like as close as I could get it. You can see a few pictures on my other site here:

  8. So cool! I feel like I visited your home =)
    me: *adds making a simulation of her home to her long ridic to do list*


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