Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be you with CB2

Good design shouldn't break the bank.

CB2 knows that all too well.
 Each season a whole new selection of crazy cool to choose from.
Fun, modern, fresh.

I am celebrating their Atlanta store 
opening August 13th 
with a rug set.
 detail 1 - 4
 detail 5 - 8
 detail 9 - 12

This set of 12 rugs can be found in their Summer 2010 collection.

Highly affordable that 
 not only your sims can own them, 
Go on, you know you want one 
and you certainly deserve it.

this set 4x3 & 2x3
both file formats
and buy one (or two) of the real ones for your home.


  1. (But it wasn´t a good idea to look at CB2´s catalog - I need many their things now :D )

  2. So glad you like them!

    I think it is dangerous that they are opening a store here in Atlanta. I study their catalogue when it arrives. I would like to attempt to recreate at least one or two pieces of furniture from their shop.

  3. Thanks for these beautiful rugs and also for providing the link for this great store. I browsed through their website and loved all of their furniture. THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks for the rugs,they are wonderful as are all of your rugs! And I am thrilled to see one of my moms paintings (the stool (3x)) in the first screen shot! Wonderful!!!

  5. Fredbrenny - I just love that painting - I have quite a few of your paintings in my game! The chess set . . . the bull . . . all wonderful! Thank you and very glad you like the rugs :)

    If anyone wants to see/get Fredbrenny's wonderful paintings, homes, stories please go to:


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