Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scarlet Fever? No problem!

You've come to realize
that I enjoy informational graphics
as much as fine art.
Be it funny or simply well designed
all things can be worthy of a frame.
This series of  Chinese Public Health posters
caught my eye.
8 pictures in one file.

From the perils of Scarlet Fever
to healthy teeth
to the woes of diphtheria.
Get creative . . . hang them in the bathroom
(stained glass by the talented Victor_tor here)
Or, if you have Ambitions
hang them in your doctors house office.
Informational graphics are fun!
Stop looking at me like that and
in both formats


  1. Your work is excellent! I'm a fan.

  2. aw! Thanks Paul - I really appreciate that
    : )

  3. My pleasure! I am a lot builder on TSR, and I'd like to start featuring your rugs and art in my builds. Here's a link to my page so you can check out some of my work:

    I can either add your items as .sims3pack installer files (in which case they will be downloaded and included in the build), or as .package files (in which case they will show up in the photos, but will only be included if people download them directly from your page). In either case, I will provide a description and link to your B5Studio main page. I don't hot-link content.

    Let me know what you think.
    Paul - Qube Design

  4. Hey Paul - I will certainly check that out and contact you at TSR : )

  5. why do u know Chinese? You know the meaning "可怕的白喉"??^0^

  6. Google Translate certainly helps, but I do not understand Chinese calligraphy or speak any of the Chinese dialects. These were compiled because I admire their design. It was a bonus that they were not in English - probably would have passed on them for the sims if they were.

    I have been a picture framer for years - although these particular items have not passed through my hands to frame, things like this have. I would absolutely decorate my own home with one of these.

  7. This poor linky is broken. Do you still have these?

  8. Sorry 'bout that - was in quite a rush to get all the links updated. Should be working for you now :)


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