Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don't blame me . . . blame the booty.

I like modern, but
I started with the classics.
Of myth . . . 
and man . . .
 and booty.
Six figural paintings in one file of 
men, women, and satyrs.
Did I tell you that I like satyrs? 
Love 'em.
I present to you:
 Aime Nicolas Morot, John Singer Sargent, Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Franz von Stuck, William Bouguereau, J Allen St. John

Frame modified by yours truly.
Golf clap.
This is NEW and IMPROVED!
No longer do you need HELS to use this file
you just need Sims 3.

I will always have a weakness
for this style of painting.
You have a weakness too?
Well my friend
both formats


  1. These paintings are gorgeous. Thank you for putting together such a luscious collection

  2. *hands up to mouth*
    How did I miss this? I love the classics and do want very much!

    Thank you.

    Question, are they usable with Pets?

  3. Hi B - I have a pets-corrected file uploaded at mediafire right now - it's just not linked in the post - if you would like to download it now, it can be found at - I love this tiny set and I always giggle at the header (if I do say so myself)

  4. The title is what captured me. Thanks and downloading.

  5. Oh B . . . you simply have to experience Leslie Hall for yourself - the midwest diva inspired the title of this post - while it seems merely comedic, she's actually very talented


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