Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where The Heart Is


While learning how to create custom content,
it made the most sense to create that which I was familiar with.
Thus, the AHWb5 Series was born.
At Home With baufive.
Those early meshes I always loved,
but I was never really happy with those meshes.
They were naive. 
Like ... super naive.
Cut to July 2016. I decide to remake those meshes,
and add to the set.
Then I proceed to sit on said set for 8 long months.
Yes. I am a bum.
I digress ...
Let's just look at the new set:
The armchair, remade completely - 18 colors
The Pole Lamp, remade completely - 18 colors
The Coffee Table, remade completely - 8 colors
Shown, originally, in a screen shot sort of like this ... remembah?
Then we have the new designs:
Danish Modern Sofa - 18 Styles
Jute Wrapped Wrought Iron Floor Screen - 4 Styles
Boomerang Leg Tripod Table - 8 Styles
Pencil Leg End Table - 8 Styles
Not officially a living room item, the Studio Pole Lamp - 12 Styles
Mod Table Lamp - 8 Styles
Let's take a look at this stuff in it's natural habitat:
The back of my real life sofa.
Look at the pierced shade action!
So now you can virtually visit my house.
Just throw some pet fur on yourself and voila.
I'll get you a cup of tea.

DOWNLOAD [pCloud]  | DOWNLOAD (sfs)

Picture 12 - Bookshelf - MLYS
Pictures 13 & 14 - Candle - Huixt | wallpaper, fireplace - Peacemaker | curtains - Porphyria
Picture 15 Here
Picture 16 Stuff On Shelves - Peacemaker | Jools | Simsza
Picture 17 Candle - Peacemaker | Bookshelf - MLYS
If you want the wallpaper - DOWNLOAD [pCloud] | download [sfs]


  1. What talent you have -- thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. All of your work is impeccable. Thank you so much.

  3. Are there original TS3 versions of these??? :c)

  4. Hi Meg - currently this set is for Sims 4 only. Pieces from this set were remastered from the original Sims 3 items which are ... naive given how long ago I created them. At this moment, I am not planning a sims 3 release as I am taking a break from creating at the moment due to lack of time. I hope this will turn around shortly. My TOU would allow a conversion as long as it is not for profit and credit is given. Thanks!

  5. That is the 'Stack 'em Up' set [11.06.16] found here


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