Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Full moon especially for you.

Isn't it crazy?

EA makes a world and they forget something.
I know - huge surprise! So not like them.

What the fff-- where am I?!
So picture it - you're living in outer space
and you want to go to work or go out to eat.
You're walking and you think you're at the right place
or are you. Is this the stadium? 

'But isn't this your home planet?
You know - all these portals look alike.

Oh poo.

It's disorienting enough to be in outer space
but now you have to guess which rabbit hole you're really at?
What's a sim to do?

Try these portal markers!
First you place one,
then you know where you are!
It's really that easy.

Now you try!

First: place the marker.

Hrm. What is that thing?
Then: know where you are!

Golly! I suddenly know where I am!

Oh boy! What'll they think of next?

I need a set of these for the rooms in my house!
<<I heart you LL Portal Marker!>>
Includes 19 recolorable markers plus one blank
so you can continue to wonder
"Where am I?"

If you're asking yourself "How did I get here?"
this product is not for you.
Includes new markers that go with the mod by Stw402
that unlocks subway, equestrian center, skydiving center, movie lot
found here. If you're going to visit Lunar Lakes,
please consider this mod.

Huge THANKS! to Megativity for her support
on this object by supplying the necessary icons for the markers (1-15),
and for pointing out the aforementioned mod.  Mwah!

Sorry for the huge delay on this object. Created back when LL was new.
Real life, work, and gardening simply got in the way - enjoy!


  1. I have a question about the downloads you offer on here. Can the work with just the Sims 3 Base game? I downloaded some from here and from some that were linked out from here and no when i try to purchase them in buy mode, the game shuts down and goes to my desktop without an error message. I just realized that my game wasn't updated fully so I am doind that now and hope it helps but I'm just making sure these were even meant for the base game and if they are do you know any other reasons my game would do this?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Amanda - to date - every one of my downloads have been designed to work with base game. I am lucky enough to have a great network of people who will test my objects extensively and give feedback regarding their experiences in their game whether it's their platform or the number of EP/SP they have installed that makes their feedback unique. I am confident that my objects work well with the majority of games. Problems are mostly caught prior to their arrival at this blog.

    There are so many configurations of computers that there are many factors at work - a fully updated game can be one of those factors. Object conflicts can also occur though a true conflict is not as common if the objects have been created correctly (in Dashboard, objects from the same creator will often show as conflicting each other - it's a known problem). There are an arsenal of programs to help you with custom content and it is wise to check every item prior to putting it in game - even from the creators you trust. I am not sure if you have PETS yet, but (and I don't know what the results would be, but) most people have updated their files to work with this EP. I would imagine that this could cause a problem if you don't have the EP yet.

    I personally limit the amount of custom content to creators I trust. I examine a lot of files prior to allowing them in my game. I run dashboard (get it at MTS) to make sure there are no objects that are true conflicts or have any other problems. I am not up on all of the programs that have been made to help users suss out problems - I also use .package format for my own game with little exception (counters and official store items).

    If I can recommend that you join one of the forums, like LivingSims, The Sims Daily, of Black Pearl Sims - the community has some wonderful and helpful people in it. I think someone might be able to help you find the source of the problem and allow you to enjoy your game again. Good luck to you :)

  3. Wow! These are so perfect, Eric! Thank you! I'm installing on a new machine and can't wait to add these to my game! :)

  4. awesome idea ;) it was much needed in a world like Lunar Lakes


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